Friday, June 14, 2013

Clear Constitutional Violation

They’re trying to make a law in one state (New Jersey, where else?) to allow the cops to demand to look at your cell phone (witho9ut a warrant) if you get into an accident to see if you were texting or even talking on it. This is a CLEAR VIOLATION of the Fifth Amendment against forcing you to INCRIMINATE YOURSELF, and the attempt to make such a law should be punishable by a long prison sentence. To pass it into law should earn the legislator an even longer sentence. But there’s no punishment specified for violating the Constitution, so they get away with such things.

LIBS TELL US WHO SCARES THEM: You can always tell who it is that scares liberals the most. It is the person they work the hardest to destroy. As they did to Sarah Palin even before she left the podium of the Republican Convention where she was named a VP candidate; and as they did to a number of other Republican candidates, among them Herman Cain, a black man who had nothing in his background they could use, so they made some up (and they call US racist). They’re working on Marco Rubio today and have even some Republicans bad-mouthing him. So I figure he’s a good man.

“INSTANT DEMOCRATS”: One reason why Obama and his crowd are working so hard to “legalize” illegal aliens (Sorry, PC Police, I say what I want, not what you tell me to say). He’s creating millions of new Democrats to keep his cronies in power after he is forced to leave the presidency (if he doesn’t figure out a way to stay after 2016, that is). Otherwise the Republicans will take what he has done apart, board-by-board if they get the majority (hopefully).

NAZI WAR CRIMINAL FOUND IN MINNESOTA: He was the commanding officer of a Nazi unit that murdered many people, going into various villages and machine-gunning everybody to death, one time to “avenge” the killing of a Nazi soldier. He even wrote and published his memoirs, which was his undoing. He must have been really confident of the stupidity of the Americans looking for Nazi war criminals to do that.

“ABORTION IS SACRED GROUND”: That’s what Nancy Peelosi says; she even “invoked” her Catholocism in support of it. But her comments reinforce her abject stupidity—again. She seems to be trying to top her “Pass the bill to find out what’s in it” pathetic crack. I put it down to ignorance among California voters that she is even still in Congress. Abortion in place of a rubber is MURDER. It's that simple.

VALEDICTORIAN CENSORED: In Joshua, Texas, Remington Reimer, had his microphone cut off when he departed from his “school-written valedictorian speech” and mentioned the Constitution and God. But when the principal (Mick Cochran) threatened to write to his next school (The Naval Academy) and tell them what he did he filed suit.. That letter might backfire if there is anybody of any intelligence who might receive that letter and count his actions as being patriotic and gutty.

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