Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Coup D' Etat'

Rush Limbaugh says Obama and his “gang of thieves” are running a “coup d’ etat’ to take over this country. Is he right? It certainly LOOKS like it. He’s making all kinds of unconstitutional laws with seeming impunity; he’s using the IRS to punish his enemies. He allowed FOUR federal employees to be MURDERED while he went to bed. He’s spying on all Americans. He is making “in your face” appointments to high office (such as Susan Rice, who went on the Sunday TV shows and lied for him and he KNOWS the American people do not approve, but he does it anyway). These are things a DICTATOR does. Things he KNOWS the people don’t like, but he does it anyway.

SHORTAGE OF BULLETS: This government bought up as many bullets as it could, hoping to make bullets “hard to come by” therefore making the guns out there useless. That succeeded. Now most of the bullets are “missing,” while our government GIVES a billion dollars in bullets to the Afghan government. Can you put 2+2 together? Obama would rather help kill Islamic militants than let his own people have bullets for their guns.

NOT DRUNK, ARRESTED ANYWAY: Jesse Thornton has been swimming and had “bloodshot eyes” when he got pulled over by the Sunrise, Arizona cops and, even though he “blew ..000 on the Breathalyzer, the cop arrested him for DUI anyway and told him to “quit whining” when he asked her to move her seat forward (he had recently had hip surgery and could not sit comfortably) When retested at the station they STILL found no evidence of impairment, but STOLE his car, anyway. I say STOLE because without evidence of him breaking a law they had no right to take his car. (I think taking his car for a minor e=offense like that is "cruel and unusual punishment," anyway) I think he got caught in a “speed trap” and a “revenue enhancement” scheme. In this case, the cops were the bandits and crooks.

BAD ECONOMY BLAMED ON SEQUESTER: The man who SHOULD know better, Alan Krueger, chairman of the white House Council of Economic Advisers, says the economy would be a lot better were it not for the Sequester (which represents about one hundredth of one percent of the total economy). Does Obama PURPOSELY hire fools and dumbbells, or do they all LIE for him on command? The sequester is a TINY bit of the economy and shouldn’t even AFFECT the economy as a whole. But they still blame everything on it and order UNNECESSARY CUTS so they can be BLAMED on it.

BOULDER FIGHTS OVER “SISTER CITY”: Boulder, Colorado (who else?) is having a fight over naming the Palestinian City of Nablus as a “sister city.” Aside from he fact that Palestinians are mostly Muslim extremists and as such are our enemies, isn’t there ANYTHING a little more important than this to fight over? Damn! It amazes me what politicians fight over; particularly LIBERAL politicians, which describes most politicians in Boulder.

“CARBON TAX”: Those who want to impose “carbon taxes” on the rest of us are FOOLS who are advancing AlGore’s “global warming” swindle. This swindle has made him and others BILLIONS and he is now richer than even Bill Gates from it after selling his failing TV network to an unsuspecting al-Jazeera (another swindle). This swindle is probably the biggest ever (second only to Obama’s) and even top government officials are “buying” it. If they come to me to pay a “carbon tax,” I will tell them to “blow it out of their tailpipe!”

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