Friday, June 7, 2013

"It's Bush's Fault!"

That’s what’s coming out now about the massive “taking” of data from ALL the cell phone companies (not just Verizon, but ALL of them, according to the Guardian (not the U. S. papers; they don’t care). They’re now saying that if the “Patriot Act” hadn’t been passed in the “Bush era,” they wouldn’t be doing this now. Of course that assumes they wouldn’t have passed a similar law themselves, in preparation for this usurpation of privacy (The Patriot Act was to be a specifically limited thing, designed ONLY to look at what KNOWN TERRORISTS were doing. But Obama has used it to spy on EVERYBODY..

IT’S GETTING WORSE, FOLKS! I just saw it in the news. Cops are right now investigating a shooting and car jacking of (what I saw on the news) a 14-year-old car—the same year car I drive). They don't just hijack new cars any more. If the driver had had his own gun, maybe it wouldn’t have happened. People dismiss an old man like me when I say things like “It’s all going to hell, people!” But it IS! Obama’s ignoring of the Constitution, and therefore the law, has emboldened criminals, who are committing more and more serious crimes. You people BETTER wake up!

THE MUTE BUTTON IS ON! Obama is on my television right now, hosting a “lie-fest” about his health care swindle law. I listened for a while (which I normally don’t do when the speaker is Obama) until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I think he’s been blabbing for an hour, now; shades of Cuba's communist dictator Fidel Castro and his three-hour-long speeches to the “masses.” He’s repeating every lie he’s ever told about it.

YOU’VE MADE ENOUGH MONEY! That’s what Obama wants to tell the American citizens when they EARN over a certain amount he wants to set. And he wants to be able to TAKE everything above that amount for himself. What the hell makes that arrogant ass think he has the right to do that? Some people think it will never happen. But I think Obama is already putting the process in effect to allow him to do just such a thing, whether or not he will ever achieve it. This is the kind of FOOL we have running this country today.

IF YOU CAN’T TRUST US: We’ve got problems. That’s what Obama says, and he’s right. We DON’T trust him, or anybody in his gang of thieves. So we DO have “problems.” And they’re not “down the road,” they’re RIGHT NOW. We’ve elected a GANGSTER as president, and now we’re suffering for it. Damn, are we (not me) stupid! We’d better wake up and get rid of this mobster Chicago politician (who came out of nowhere and elbowed Hillary aside) before he owns ALL of what we thought we had earned.

THEY LIED: Newt Gingrich said, “The administration lied; then they lied about lying; now they’re lying about people telling the truth. Do they have no shame?” The answer to that is, “NO.” They have no shame. They will say and do ANYTHING that advances their agenda. And they will criticize us for disagreeing with them, calling us racists. The real racists are those calling US racists. Believe it!

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