Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Spying Edifice In Utah

They just opened it simultaneously with the revelations about spying on American citizens by Obama’s government. Does Obama really think we don’t notice these things? They’re collecting our phone records, “willi-nilly” (Without warrants) and who knows what else they’re “collecting?” They open a new data center to store these records, and think we won’t suspect they’re doing more? What FOOLS they are!

TAKES THE ONUS OFF OBAMA: Some liberals are saying the current spying spree was started by George Bush, and that takes the onus off Obama. But I doubt it. Bush may have put the machinery in place to fight Islamic terrorism (something Obama DENIES even EXISTS), but I don’t think he envisioned what Obama has done with it. Obama has taken advantage of it for his own purposes and expanded it beyond Bush’s wildest dreams (claiming it's to "fight terrorism," which he claims doesn't even exist).

COP KILLS CHILD IN FRONT OF GRANDMOTHER: They were on a “raiding spree” supposedly to find a murder suspect and he was one of many “Swat Team-style” cops who threw a “flash-bang grenade” into their apartment, then rushed in with guns blazing. This cop was the lead cop in and shot this child immediately upon entering. He SAYS it was an accident from someone “bumping him.” But the question remains, why did they come in this apartment with guns  blazing after throwing a “flash-bang” grenade in THIS apartment? Bad intel, or incompetence. I think they do this way too much.

They tell us they briefed members of Congress on the “spy scandal” before it broke. But they didn’t. Now they say, “Briefings were available, but some members of congress didn’t ask for them.” The questions here is, were the members of Congress TOLD there were briefings available? This is a typical political “weaseling” when “caught out.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?

CUMMINGS SAYS, “SCANDAL SOLVED”: “Let’s move on.” Issa rips him a new one: “It’s NOT over!” What is Rep. Elija Cummings (D-MD) is afraid will come out? Like Issa, I think the idea of “moving on” is way premature. The targeting of people on the opposing side by Democrats (and Republicans) has been going on a lot longer than anybody thinks so far. And we need to dig a LOT deeper to find the truth, Cummings (of the claim that “sharks still swim the ‘slave routes’ in hopes of being fed”) notwithstanding. This fool should not be anywhere NEAR the “reins of power.”

ALWAYS ISLAMICS INVOLVED: Seems like every time there is a revolution (mostly in the Middle East now, but it will spread to other parts of the world), Muslim extremists are involved. They didn’t start it, but they took it over (or are in the process of doing so). Like the riots now going on in Turkey and the fighting between government and rebels (now with Islamic extremists among them and, in some places, running things). In Israel, Palestinians (Muslim extremists) were in it from the beginning.

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