Sunday, October 21, 2012

They're FOOLS to Release ANY Terrorists

That’s us, apparently. At least that is Obama. Why in HELL would he release terrorists from GITMO so they could go back and rejoin their buddies killing innocent people while swelling the ranks of militant terrorists? Would we have released Nazi or Japanese prisoners of war in WWII One of the top terrorist LEADERS we killed recently was KNOWN to be a former GITMO prisoner.

DC SNIPER FEELS LIKE “WORST PIECE OF SCUM”: That’s what DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo said after hearing an interview with the husband of one of his victims gave an interview to the Washington Post. Surprise, surprise! He WAS (IS) “the worst piece of scum” at the time of his killingSs, and still is.. He says they “ought to forget him and his partner (John Allen Muhammed) and, move on.” Why should they? Their friends and family members are permanently dead, so why should they just “forget it?” What a FOOL this guy is!

INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: The Obama administration is still pushing that phony story that the attack on our embassy in Bengazy was a “spontaneous demonstration gone awry” due to an American-made video “embarrassing the prophet” two weeks later. They all know that’s a LIE and they know WE know it, but they continue to spread the LIE.

HURLING PIG’S FEET AT MUSLIMS: Two women threw some pig’s feet onto the lawn of a temporary mosque where Muslims inside were praying for world dominance. Oh, that’s orful! It scared some Muslims so much that attendance in the next week was halved. Muslims said it was “a pattern of intolerance against Muslims in America.” I wonder why? Could it be Muslims are killing Americans all over the world for not being Muslims? How about the “pattern of insults to Christians” Muslims commit world-wide on a regular basis? Sounds like a "pattern of intolerance against non-Muslims" to me.

CRITICIZING ROMNEY FOR SPEAKING TRUTH: When Romney recognized that just about HALF of Americans paid no taxes because they are on welfare of some kind and would continue voting to keep the freebies coming, he got criticized for it by Obama. Obama calls those people “hard-working Americans.” That’s a LIE. They’re just the OPPOSITE and Romney is smart enough to recognize that: the whole thing was brought on by a secret camera that shouldn’t have even been there.

DON’T BELIEVE THE POLLS: There’s one out now that says “Obama widens lead over Romney.” That has to be a LIE. Obama has no business with ANY kind of lead with his record. He’s afraid to talk about himself and his foolish mistakes, so he concentrates on LYING about Romney and what he will do. I don’t believe ANY of it.

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