Saturday, October 27, 2012

He Actually SAID It!

As Gov. Christy related. Obama actually SAID this: “Government is the only thing we all BELONG TO.” It’s as if the Constitution (which Obama usually ignores) starts out. “We, the Government.” What a FOOL this jerk is! He actually THINKS we all belong to the GOVERNMENT! How STUPID is he? This is NOT “Soviet Socialist America” (yet).

People insist that Islam is a “religion of peace” and then Muslim extremists go out and plot to bomb the nearest federal building. I guess the best definition of “peace” is when EVERYBODY who is not a Muslim is dead or converted. And they don’t care if they convert under a death threat or not. Is my saying this “Islamaphobia?” Not EVEN! There IS no such thing. They made up that word to throw us off telling the truth about them and their perverted political system DISGUISED as a religion.

FALSE CONCEPT: Democrats make a “big thing” over Romney paying taxes at 14% while “working people” have to pay income taxes at a much higher rate. They don't. What they DON’T tell you is that EVERYBODY pays THE SAME 14% tax on CAPITAL GAINS, such as selling a house, for instance. They make it sound like that 14% tax rate is for “rich people” alone. It is NOT. They don’t even mention that even OBAMA pays the SAME tax rate whenever he makes money as a “capital gain.” When EITHER make money as INCOME, they pay the higher income tax rate.

OBAMA LIED, AMBASSADOR DIED: For many years, liberals chanted erroneously, “Bush lied, people died.” Now they chant TRUTHFULLY, “Obama lied, ambassador died.” Actually he lied AFTER the ambassador was murdered, trying to avoid responsibility for his death. He said he DIDN'T KNOW  the later murdered ambassador PLEADED for more security because he KNEW he was in danger. He also said he DIDN’T KNOW it was a planned terrorist attack for WEEKS after he was notified that it WAS.

OBAMA’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE EVERYWHERE: I just saw what purports to be the REAL Obama birth certificate from KENYA. I don’t know if it’s real or not. In any case, I’m not going to fall for a phony one. I’ll wait and see if anybody with any gonads does anything about this. Obama has spent a LOT of “other people’s money” to PREVENT the release of ANY information about him. Why? What is he hiding? He’s SURELY hiding SOMETHING or he wouldn’t spend so much (of other people’s money) to hide all information about his past, including his birth.

THE “RELIGION OF PEACE” just shot a young girl in the head; why? Because she not only was being educated herself, she was agitating to allow OTHER Islamic females to be allowed to be educated. What are they AFRAID of? For some reason Muslims don’t WANT to educate females. Do they think if they learn things they won’t be as submissive? She is now getting better. I hope they don't shoot her again.

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