Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Should Benghazi Even BE A Campaign Issue?

Absolutely! In Benghazi, Libya, Islamic terrorists MURDERED our ambassador and three others and Obama did nothing but lie about it. Obama CLAIMS he’s not responsible for the security failings there, and Hillary has “fallen on her sword,” saying SHE was responsible. But in the final analysis the president is ULTIMATELY responsible for such things, even if he didn’t know about it. It is his RESPONSIBILITY to know about it. Therefore, it SHOULD be a “campaign issue.”

IT’S TRUE, ISN’T IT? The Democrats are making a “big thing” of Romney’s comment (in a private meeting they taped illegally) that 47% of Americans do not pay ANY income taxes at all. It’s TRUE. 47% of Americans are on some kind of welfare and pay NO income taxes at all. So Romney recognizes the TRUTH. What’s wrong with that?

ROMNEY ASKING PROPER QUESTIONS: The Obama crowd are saying Romney is “politicizing” the killings in Benghazi. He is NOT. He is asking questions that NEED to be asked, by SOMEBODY but are not being asked by the Obama cronies. People have DIED because of incompetence in the Obama administration and Obama ans members of his administration are still LYING about it. If Obama and his people are incompetent, SOMEBODY needs to ask those questions.

POLITICIANS TELL US WHO WE CAN VOTE FOR: Personally, I’d like to be able to vote for Sarah Palin, but the politicians, who are AFRAID of her (on both sides), won’t let me. They’ve given me only TWO choices, neither of which sound very good to me. But since re-electing Obama would cause DISASTER, I have to vote for Romney, even if I’m not particularly interested in him becoming president. He is the “lesser of two evils” and I’m put in the position (just like in the last election) to HAVE TO vote for him to avoid the disaster of a second term for Obama.

WHY IS BEING A “BIRTHER” A BAD THING? Obama dismisses ANYBODY who has ever said ANYTHING about the possibility of him not being an American citizen as being “unreliable” and somebody not to be listened to for ANYTHING. Why is that? It’s a reasonable question, seeing as how Obama has spent MILLIONS to keep his birthplace secret. How was he able to DO that?

CALLING ROMNEY WHAT HE (OBAMA) IS ALREADY: Obama tells us if Romney is elected, he will “devastate the economy.” Meanwhile, he (Obama) is now in the process of “devastating the economy” and is halfway there. He can’t talk about his own record so he tries to convince us Romney will do what he is ALREADY doing.

BASIC TRUTH: In the masthead of the “Bare Naked Islam” web site it says, “It’s Not Islamaphobia if They’re Really Trying to Kill You.” That is a basic truth that the Islamic terrorists don’t want us to realize so they created a phony term that accuses ANYBODY who criticizes Islam or “The Prophet” in any way of being bigoted. And Obama is going along with it so he can destroy freedom of speech.

OBAMA WON’T TELL MOTHER THE TRUTH: He and his accomplices continue to tell the mother of one of the heroes that died with the Libyan ambassador lies about what happened to her son. They continue to tell the lie that is was because of a VIDEO when it was a planned, well-executed ATTACK by Islamic terrorists This mother actually CRIED on Obama’s shoulder while he looked boredly off into the distance.

WAR ON OUR DIPLOMATS: The other day Islamic terrorists murdered our Libyan ambassador and three others and Obama did nothing. Today (Thursday, Oct. 11. 2012) another ambassadorial employee was murdered in Yemen. How many more will die before Obama does something? Will Obama EVER do anything REAL about it? Doubtful. We’ll just have to wait and pray Romney will when he is elected.

HE WENT TO BED: He was so tired, he just went to bed with orders not to disturb him after hearing that our embassy in Libya was under attack. He had to get his rest because the next day he had to be at several fund-raisers and some television appearances. Never mind one of his ambassadors was being murdered along with three other brave Americans. Obama doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t miss his fund-raisers and television appearances.

OBAMA NOT HALF AS INTELLIGENT AS HE THINKS HE IS: Every liberal (looter) on the globe will tell you all about how intelligent Obama is, but they’re just showing their own ignorance when they do. Obama is well “propped up” by his advisers and speechwriters and APPEARS highly intelligent when he speaks, using a teleprompter. Without the teleprompter’s help, he doesn’t do very well, as his lackluster performances whenever he is without the teleprompter (very rare) such as during the first presidential debate illustrate.

MIKLOSKI AFRAID OF RUSH: He's running for Senator from Colorado. I guess he thinks he’s running against Rush Limbaugh. He so far has ended EVERY one of his ads with a “dig” at Rush, when Rush had nothing to do with the subject matter. I guess the truths Rush tells scare the hell out of him, as they do all liberals (looters). Now he’s BEGINNING his ads by referring to the “Rush Republicans” as if Rush were RUNNING the Republican Party.

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