Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney Faced TWO Opponents

And he still won. In the Second Presidential Debate, Romney faced not only Obama, but his obvious ally, Candy Crowley, who was supposed to be the moderator, but who inserted herself into the debate, agreeing with Obama. What do we need a moderator for, anyway? In the “Town Hall” style debate, the people in the AUDIENCE ask the questions and the debaters answer them. No moderator needed, especially one so obviously on one debater’s side.

A QUESTION ROMNEY SHOULD HAVE ASKED: Candy Crowley, the (supposed) “moderator” of the Second Presidential Debate sided with Obama when she told Romney that Obama did indeed, say it was a “terrorist attack” in Benghazi. Okay; well and good. But Romney failed to ask an obvious question: “If so, why then, Barack, did you send the UN ambassador out the NEXT WEEKEND to tell the original LIE about the Benghazi murders being the result of a stupid VIDEO? Romney definitely “missed the boat” there.

IT’S NOT A SIN TO BE RICH: Obama and his accomplices continually give Romney a hard time because he’s rich. Something they didn’t do to the rich DEMOCRAT presidential candidate in 2004. John Kerry, who was not only rich, but MARRIED rich women, TWICE. He earned NONE of his money, while Romney earned every penny of HIS. It is “the rich” who make the investments that make this economy move while creating jobs. Politicians don't "create" jobs. they only get in the way of job creation--or not.

BIDEN LIES A LOT: Not as much as Obama, but whenever he finds himself “cornered,” he lies. He makes things up and raises his voice for emphasis, hoping, I’m sure, a louder voice will make people believe his lies. His performance in the Vice-Presidential Debate was indefensible. He not only made himself look stupid, he showed what a FOOL he is with his constant interruptions and laughter at serious subjects.

“IT’S OFFENSIVE”: Obama said it is “offensive” for ANYBODY to say anybody in his administration lied about the Benghazi murders, but he (and many of his people) DID. The most obvious was when his UN ambassador went on the Sunday talk shows and told the world, ON DAY FIVE after the killings, the LIE about the attack being merely a reaction to some stupid video nobody has ever seen. It’s offensive to me for him to take offense to somebody telling the TRUTH about his lies. What a FOOL this jerk is!

WHY IS OBAMA EVEN IN THIS ELECTION? By rights, after his disastrous administration, Obama should be a “distant second” in the presidential election. Frankly, I think he should be “run out of town on a rail” after being tarred and feathered for his offenses against Americans. But the polls (which he can control, and which oversample Democrats) keep saying he and Romney are in a “dead heat.” That would be impossible in a REAL world.

CALLING ROMNEY A LIAR: That’s like the pot calling the kettle black (Now they’ll call me a racist for using the word “black”). Calling Romney a liar with all Obama’s PROVABLE lies still ringing in the ether is about as foolish a move as any Obama or his crowd have made—and they’ve really done and said some stupid things. But if I lied as much as Obama does, I CERTAINLY wouldn’t be accusing anybody else of lying unless I could provide an OBVIOUS example, which he can’t.

PHONY NUMBERS: Unemployment is now “below 8%.” Surprise, surprise! But don’t go out and vote for Obama yet. He “cooked the books.” The numbers are based on a percentage of the AVAILABLE JOBS. So the government ERASED millions of AVAILABLE JOBS, making the SAME NUMBER OF UNEMPLOYED people a lower percent. Then they claim a smaller number. It’s all “smoke and mirrors,” folks. Also, a certain number of unemployed GAVE UP finding a job, and Obama’s people stopped counting them, with the same result.

REID LIES, AS USUAL: I guess Harry Reid just likes to lie, which makes him an excellent member of Obama’s administration. His latest lie is when he said Romney would NOT honor Obama’s deportation exemptions when what he REALLY said was that he WOULD, but would not make any of his own. We need to remember this whenever Reid opens his mouth. He makes it up as he goes along.

ANY EXCUSE: “Any excuse is better than none,” I guess. Democrats are now saying the reason Obama lost the debate is because Romney had “illegal notes” to use in his responses. The Romney camp says it was just a handkerchief. I guess it all comes down to what you might believe. But I’d bet Democrats will keep repeating this, even when it is proved a lie.

Obama’s poor performance in the first debate can be traced to the lack of a teleprompter there to guide him in his answers and his complete lack of preparation. He’s so arrogant that he thought he didn’t NEED preparation.. This was proven by his very next speech where he was alone on the stage (except for the teleprompter) where his “usual fire” miraculously reappeared. I don’t know how they’re going to do it, but they need to introduce their teleprompter to the next debates.

HATRED AND BIGOTRY: Whoopi Goldberg illustrated graphically where the hatred and bigotry is coming from as she “scolded” Ann Coulter on “The View: for “not knowing what it’s like to be black.” As if SHE (Whoopie) did. She has been a rich and celebrated black for a long time. I don’t think she even REMEMBERS what it’s like to just “be black.” But the fact is, the hate and bigotry doesn’t come from the conservatives; it comes from the LIBERALS and Democrats (a repetition, there). And that's a PROVEN fact, not an opinion.

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