Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hillary: "We Will Do What's Necessary"

She says they are “investigating everything.” Why then, does the man who spearheaded the attack on the embassy in Benghazi sit peacefully in a coffee shop sipping a latte, easily found by the media, wondering why NOBODY but the media has talked to him? He’s obviously not concerned with what the Libyan government does, nor about what WE will do. Osama said that “When America ‘chickened out’ in Mogadushu, we knew they were a ‘paper tiger’.” Are we? We are, as long as the likes of Obama is in the White House.

OBAMA KNEW, DID NOTHING: Obama knew what was happening at the embassy in Benghazi AS IT HAPPENED. And with “assets” within a half hour of the embassy, he did nothing. He sat by and watched while terrorists MURDERED our embassy personnel, including the ambassador, and went to bed so he could get up early and fly off to Nevada for a fund raiser.. Then he LIED about the cause for TWO WEEKS to protect his LIE that with the death of Osama bin Laden, Islamic terrorism was dead. Obama just does not care if people DIE, so long as his narrative is not endangered.

OBAMA STILL INDIFFERENT: Media found the ringleader of the Libya murders sipping a latte in a restaurant, wondering why nobody except media has even TRIED to contact him. This is evidence of Obama’s complete INDIFFERENCE to the deaths of his ambassador and other embassy staff. He still wants us to think the war against terrorists is over. He doesn’t care about anything else, INCLUDING the ambassador’s death after being REFUSED more security.

FRACK IT: Obama hates the whole idea of “fracking” to find oil because it is going to create millions of jobs over the next few years, even if he ISN’T president. It will prove that his oil and gas policies are WRONG. And he doesn’t want that, even if he DOES lose this election. Like Clinton, he has high hopes of becoming Secretary General of the United Nations after he (as president) signs a treaty allowing them to tax Americans. He’s doing all he can to STOP “fracking.”

OBAMA’S “APOLOGY TOUR”: Obama denies ever going out and APOLOGIZING to everybody in other countries for things he (and they) THINK we did to them. I SAW him bowing to, and APOLOGIZING to the leaders of other countries (including Saudi Arabia) for IMAGINED things we “did to them” in the past. This is yet another Obama LIE. He looked Romney right in the eye and LIED to the world. Then he saw to it that ALL references to his “apology tour” were deleted from ALL government files.

WHAT A DUMB JERK: Obama had the GALL to criticize Romney for “not knowing we are at war” when HE is the one that REFUSES to admit we are at WAR with Islamic terrorists. He is the one that called the killings at Ft. Hood “workplace violence” instead of a terrorist attack, even though the shooter was shouting “Allahu akbar” as he was shooting and now insists on keeping his beard as it is part of his Muslim faith except when he's getting ready to kill innocent people. Obama is the one that insists on calling terrorist attacks “human-caused violence” when he KNOWS it is Islamic terrorism. Then he pretends to “instruct” Romney that “the cold war is over.” What a FOOL this man is!

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