Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Accusing Romney of What HE Does

Obama has an ad running now accusing Romney of making millions of dollars by closing a plant and putting a lot of people out of work—which is exactly what OBAMA has done to MANY plants, and auto agencies. But Obama made TRILLIONS of dollars doing it, while Romney did NOT, no matter what LIE Obama tells. Romney put money into an ALREADY FAILING PLANT and it turned out to be impossible to save. They did NOT close plants that were making money and it’s STUPID to think they did. But Obama wants you to think so.

OBAMANESIA: Obama hopes we are ALL afflicted with OBAMANESIA before the election. He hopes we will forget all his damfool moves over the last four years and all the money he “spent like water” on FAILED policies that WASTED trillions of dollars, for which he won’t apologize, and for which he blamed Bush and the Republicans.

STILL A RUSH FIXATION: Joe Miklosi (in Colorado) is still running ads as if he was running against Rush Limbaugh instead of Mike Coffman for Congress. Now he even mentions Rush TWICE in his most recent ad. He must think (as most liberals do) that will KEEP people from voting for Coffman. Not me. I really thank him for helping me make up my mind.

“IT’S NOT DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN”: Aaron David Miller (adviser to several secretaries of state) says, “Foreign policy is not Democrat or Republican”; WRONG! It IS “Democrat or Republican.” Democrats today are NOT simply “Democrats.” Democrats are SOCIALIST leaning, while Republicans are FREE MARKET leaning. That colors ALL their decisions, foreign OR domestic.

“SAVING THE AUTO INDUSTRY”: Obama claims to have “saved the auto industry,” but he didn’t. He injected millions of dollars into it while in effect, BUYING General Motors. Ford stayed out of it and is now in profit. General Motors, despite all the new taxpayer cash, is STILL facing bankruptcy while its bondholders were “thrown under the bus” in Obama’s “takeover.” GM would have DONE BETTER if Obama had stayed out of it. They’d have come out of bankruptcy stronger. Today they’re still weak.

WHY IS THE RACE SO CLOSE? I fail to understand why the presidential candidates are so close to each other with all the $TRILLIONS Obama has cost us with his blunders and his IGNORING the Constitution all the time; or his communist leanings and stated objective of moving us ever closer to socialism? Are the American people STUPID? Or just ignorant and determined to stay that way? A vote for Obama is a vote for COMMUNISM for us. Is that what Americans WANT?

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