Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peelosi: "We Get No Respect!"

Nancy Peelosi says the GOP doesn’t give the Democrats enough respect.” How much respect should they give to a party run (in the House?) by a fool who would actually say, “We have to pass this bill to learn what’s in it” and expect people to continue to believe she’s intelligent? And that’s not the ONLY stupid thing she’s said recently. I only wish I had kept a list of her ignorant remarks, listed chronologically.

PUTIN BACK IN TOP JOB: Dmitri Medvedev, Putin’s “stand-in” to be president when Russian law said he could not, while Putin became Prime Minister in the interim, meekly “stepped down” when Putin became eligible to be president again. Boy, what a transparent corruption THAT is! Almost like a certain southern governor whose WIFE became governor when the law said he could not “succeed himself.” Will the Democrats try the same thing with Clinton? The politicians’ scams to get around the law and stay in power take my breath away.

HILLARY FAILS THE TEST: And when she did, an ambassador died (Just like when Jimmy Carter was president). Hillary was directly responsible for the security at the Libyan embassy but there was none. Typical of a “cosmetic appointment.” She was appointed simply to keep Bill happy. She had NO qualifications, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference to Democrats. The president has none, either and neither do his advisers, apparently. Bye, bye for her 2016 hopes.

IS JESUS A BASTARD? He is, so sayeth the “Grand Ayotolla,” here described as garbage. Muslims whine a lot about “religious tolerance” and making laws against “slandering” Muslims. But we might also make laws against “slandering” Christian icons, which would criminalize many Muslims the way killing innocent people has not. If Muslims quit “slandering” Christians, maybe we’d put a bit more confidence in their claims of “religious intolerance” regarding their “pseudo-religion” that is a POLITICAL system MASQUERADING as a religion.

CLAIMING RACISM: Liberals cannot claim racism in NASCAR any more (but they will, in spite of proof otherwise), since a black man (Darrel Wallace, Jr.) has taken the last three poles in  a certain NASCAR race. How he does in the race is a whole different animal. But liberals will probably moan about racism if he doesn’t WIN something. That’s typical of them. They want to fix the RESULT to conform to their fool notions.

WHY MORE MASS SHOOTINGS? Did Columbine signal the start of a “mass shooting season?” We are seeing them more and more, with both legal and illegal guns. Gun laws don’t stop them, and can’t. The only answer is more guns in the hands of honest, intelligent people like that woman at that Colorado springs church who stopped a mass killer by shooting him. Never such a shooting at a gun show or police station, why? Because everybody there is armed. ("Update: there was one in Indianapolis, and the shooter predictably is dead.)

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