Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cops Making Progress in "Pig's Feet Case"

Remember the other day two women threw some pig’s feet onto the grounds of a temporary mosque while Muslims inside prayed for world dominance, scaring the crap out of the Muslims. In the next week, HALF of them stayed away, afraid those “unclean” pig’s feet will somehow affect them badly. FBI is working HARD to find the women who did it so they can punish them for frightening those Muslims so. I guess they don’t have anything better to do.

A “RUSH FIXATION”: Joe Miklosi, who is running for Congress in Colorado, must have a very serious “Rush fixation.” Every ad he runs mentions Rush’s name, even if it has nothing to do with Rush Limbaugh, in any way. He must want very badly to keep from being “associated” with Rush. He speaks scornfully of “Rush Limbaugh politics” as if that were a BAD thing. Frankly, I think he (Miklosi) is full of beans and their noisy output.

Now that Obama has told them exactly when American forces will “cut and run” from Afghanistan, the Taliban is being “assisted” by the al-Qiada people who have hidden out to avoid complete annihilation. They completely fooled that ”fool in the White House,” Obama into thinking they were beaten. They’re not. They’re only hiding until their most powerful enemy is gone.

NO BULLETS, PIG’S FEET: We should quit flinging bullets at the Islamic terrorists. They’re not afraid of death. That only means they can spend all eternity screwing virgins while not making them non-virgins. But PIG’S FEET? That scares the hell out of them. We should invent some kind of gun that will shoot pig’s feet at them. They will ”cut and run” immediately to keep from being “stained” forever by those pig’s feet.

PIG’S FEET FOR OBAMA: Yes, Obama is not a Muslim. Today. But maybe he was before he became a serious candidate for president. So why isn’t an Imam calling for him to be killed for converting away from Islam? Because he hasn’t. He just tells US he’s a Christian because it makes things easier for him as president. But his ACTIONS prove he is a Muslim SYMPATHIZER. That’s just as bad –for us.

WHY DIDN’T OBAMA PROTECT LYBIAN EMBASSY? There have been many violent episodes signaling that SOMETHING bad was going to happen to the people in that embassy. The ambassador (the one who was subsequently killed by an angry mob of Islamic terrorists) PLEADED with the administration for more security, right up to the moment he was “dragged off and murdered.” Will this blunder signal the END of Obama? I certainly hope so.

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