Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We're Baacckk!

We started out being off the Internet Thursday while waiting for Comcast to take three days to get to our installation. We've been off the Internet since Friday because of the incompetence of a Comcast employee who didn't know the difference between our new address and our old one when they sent someone out to correct the flawed installation of our Internet on the first try, Friday. But we're on now, and I hope we'll stay on.

OBAMA’S OBVIOUS LIE: When terrorists used a (phony) demonstration at the U. S. Embassy in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012, the Obama people flat lied to us when they said this attack was a “spontaneous demonstration gone awry.” They KNEW at the time it was not. But they continued the lie until Sept. 28, SIXTEEN DAYS LATER. Why Did they DO this? Because they wanted to build support for the making of a law that can eventually get rid of the first Amendment. That’s the scam.

FRANCE COMMITTING ECONOMIC SUICIDE: They now have a new SOCIALIST government and that government is now placing taxes up to 70% on money made by ANYBODY over a certain figure, they just don’t see that they can only do this ONCE and those money-earners will stop earning money in France. Watch them closely as they “die a slow death” economically.

GOVERNMENT MODUS OPERANDI: Release a figure a lot higher (or lower) than it should be (depending on if it’s, say, jobless numbers or the amount of money you’re going to spend) and sit back while the press “eats it up” and publicizes it widely. Then when everybody’s “looking the other way,” then you “revise it downward” (or upward) and nobody notices, or pays any attention.

Did you know that 70 government agencies haven't paid their payroll taxes to their own government to the tune of $124 million dollars? And the IRS can't collect it. I guess it's still "do as we say, not as we do." They report this on Fox (not on CNN and other outlets) but they don’t say WHY this is so.

WHY ARE THEY NECK AND NECK? There’s a serious dichotomy in politics today and that is WHY are Mitt Romney and Obama “neck and neck” when so many people understand that Obama is an incompetent president who has spent more money than there IS and is trying to move us ever closer to socialism by making our economy WORSE?

NEW BLASPHAMY LAWS: It’ll soon be a crime to say ANYTHING against Islam, even if it’s true. It will be unconstitutional, but when has that ever stopped Obama from making unconstitutional laws and regulations?  Boy, are we ever pandering to the Islamic terrorists we should be killing.

PRESS “EDITS” ROMNEY: They edited a Tape of Romney insisting the crowd include Ryan’s name in their chants to make it seem like Romney is insisting they include HIS name so it will look like he is the kind of person THEY are. Selfish and demanding his name be included.

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