Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Personal Space"

Many don’t want airport screening to use that x-ray system that lets them look under their clothes because it “invades their personal space.” Those people need to get real. Letting people look under their clothes is better than being blown to little bits. This has nothing to do with rights.

“NO-FLY LISTS”: There are many of them, and since Obama has been in office, they probably include people like me because I daily criticize his efforts to “loot and pillage” this country while he can. Give him a couple more years and names like mine will be on a much less innocuous list. Maybe a list of prisoners, convicted of “defaming” the president. I’ve already been accused of “slandering” him.

“WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO TARP?” The news media are asking “What will happen to the TARP money?” The answer is easy. It will wind up in the pockets of our politicians and their friends, who will give some of what they get back to the politicians as “political donations.”

TAKES 100%: It would take every penny of profit that private business can EARN to pay just ON YEAR’S deficit under today’s spending. And Obama says he can pay for it all by taxing a few rich people. What an ignorant jerk he is!

TIGER WOODS: I’m going to say one more thing about Tiger Woods: he’s an idiot! Sure, he plays good golf. But frankly, if I had something like he HAD at home, I sure wouldn’t be looking elsewhere.

SHOOTING DEMONSTRATORS: I don’t think Ahmadinijerk and his Mullah cronies in Iran are long for this world. When you start shooting at demonstrators, how long will it be before they shoot back?

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