Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Down the Hatch!"

That’s what Obama is doing to us with his health care swindle and others. He doesn’t care if they will choke us to death. He’s determined to screw us with them. He KNOWS a majority of Americans want nothing to do with ANY of his swindles, but he’s determined to impose them on us, anyway. For that, he should be impeached and removed from office as soon as possible. Maybe strung up.

“LOAN THEM MORE MONEY”: Obama blames bankers for CAUSING the “credit crunch” by loaning money to people who could not, and WOULD not repay it. Now he’s pressuring the bankers to loan MORE money to such people. The very thing that really DID cause it after Democrats pressured bankers to loan money to deadbeats before, KNOWING it would cause damage to the economy, but would get Democrats elected.

ASSUMING IT’S GOOD: Democrats are “shaming” Republicans for their “delaying tactics” used to keep them from screwing this country and bankrupting it. This ASSUMES that what they’re doing is a GOOD thing. It is not. Republicans are to be commended for everything they do to stop them.

GET OUT OF THE WAY! Obama is constantly asking for ideas to make the economy better, none of which he hears. I’ve got another suggestion for him; GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! Remove 90% of the taxation that is slowing down business. Get rid of the paperwork that forces businesses to hire many people JUST to do the paperwork required by government. Especially in the medical field. That will make the economy better and magically cause medical costs to go down. But he’s not listening to me.

DEMOCRATS CRITICIZE ME: They criticize me for criticizing Obama. What gives Obama special status that allows him to screw America without being criticized himself? One woman accused me of “slandering” him. How do you slander someone by telling the TRUTH about him? Another said, “I like Obama and don’t want to hear anything against him.” I hope she has taken off her blinders and started waking up since.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES: Liberals in government try hard to kill the tobacco business. Then they realize they’re not collecting as much money in tobacco taxes and they panic, trying to raise taxes in general. Like the water companies crying about water use, then raising rates when they collect less money for water not used.

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