Thursday, December 10, 2009

Liberals Rejoicing

They’re claiming their ideas caused the unemployment figures to go from 10.2% down to 10%. But they don’t tell you that the biggest gain is in TEMPORARY jobs for the Christmas season. They think you’ll believe that the “dip” is because of their inept actions.

ANTI-GUN LAWS WORKING! In the last year in Colorado, 26 convicted murderers tried to buy guns and were refused. So they went out back of the gun stores and bought one out of the trunk of a black market gun dealer’s car for a lot more money, probably shared with that legal gun dealer.

CONGRESS WORKING SUNDAY: OmyGod! The news media is making a big thing about Congress actually WORKING on Sunday! I don’t think it’s such a big thing. They DO “work hard” to fleece us, and every weekend day they work just gives them a better opportunity to scam us out of more money and more of our rights.

PRINCIPLE, NOT POLITICS: That’s what Sarah Palin says government ought to be, which is why she is roundly hated by politicians on both sides. And it’s the reason why if she runs for president as an unabashed conservative, even as an independent, she should, and WILL be elected in a landslide. Reagan did, and won in landslides, twice.

NEVER YES OR NO: When you ask a politician a simple question, requiring a simple “yes or no” answer, you never get it. They always give you a “50,000-word essay” that doesn’t say either, but seems to answer the question. If you demand a “yes or no answer,” they’ll accuse you of “abusing” them.

REID IS DESPERATE: He can’t even get all his Democrats “on board” his effort to fleece America (the health care swindle), so now he’s making impossible claims that he can’t prove. He’s intimating Republicans were trying to “slow us down” as we tried to eliminate slavery, completely forgetting that the slavery issue GAVE BIRTH to the Republican Party and it was a REPUBLICAN president who. Started a war to attain freedom for the slaves.

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