Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Criminals Running the show

In Iran, the doctor who exposed the torture of people imprisoned for demonstrating against their sham election was recently murdered, most likely by the Iranian government. The “Iranian authorities” are “investigating,” which is absurd, since they are the chief suspects. It's like letting the murderer "investigate" his murder. We haven’t reached that point yet here. At least not officially. A lot of people who were about to testify against Bill Clinton somehow ended up dead in suspicious circumstances, just before they could. One man “committed suicide” by shooting himself TWICE in the head.).

MISGUIDED WAR ON DRUGS: There are more people abusing drugs today than there were BEFORE the “war on drugs” began. So why are we waging it? All it does is keep “the mystery” in drug abuse and the prices amazingly high. Drug war “fighters” say people would “go wild” on drugs if we didn’t keep fighting. Aren’t they now? Like with guns, the more laws against it, the more people want to do it. And neither druggies, NOR criminals who want guns have any trouble getting them.

PRISON OVERCROWDING: This is a major problem, as everybody knows. The way to solve it is to release, not violent criminals, early, but non-violent people whose only “crime” is being a “victim” of the drug scene. The overcrowding problem would magically disappear. They’d continue to buy their drugs, only this time legally and more cheaply—and would not be sent to prison for it.

NO MIDDLE ROAD: Either you believe in collectivism, or you believe in individualism. There’s no middle road. That would be like being “a little pregnant.” You can NOT believe in part of both. They’re mutually exclusive. Like being male or female (freaks not included).

STUPID, STUPID! Afghan President Karzai says he’s willing to talk to the Taliban. How stupid is that? The Taliban just wants ALL “unbelievers” dead. They will not consider ANYTHING else and will use any “talks” to gain time to get ready for more violence.

“WE’LL KEEP THEM IN CHECK”: Ads for “The Weekly Standard” say, “It’s an Obama world. But we’ll keep them in check.” Yeah, right. They’ve done a good job of it so far, haven’t they?

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