Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Cannon Fodder"

Our soldiers are becoming “cannon fodder” for Obama. To require our soldiers to “read them their rights” on a battlefield is INSANE! But that is what our ignorant liberal politicians want them to do. I predict that either more of our soldiers will die trying to do that, or more terrorists who WOULD have been captured will die (which is not a BAD thing), to avoid that possibility. Or more will go AWOL and go to prison rather than fight under these rules (which IS a bad thing). I would.

OBAMA’S THUGS: I seem to be getting much more brash in the things I’ve been saying. Mostly because I’ve become more and more frustrated by bringing the truth to people and having it be ignored. Soon, I expect to hear from Obama’s thugs, who will be trumping up charges against me. You’ll know, when I disappear from the Internet. Maybe that will wake you up.

ANOTHER PROMISE BROKEN: Obama said people making under $250,000 a year would not pay a SINGLE DIME in increased taxes. Now he’s trying to “weasel out” of that and the things he’s trying to get passed will include higher taxes on EVERYBODY. This is not unexpected to people who pay attention.

MORE BROKEN PROMISES: Can we expect more and more broken promises from Obama? Absolutely, while he CLAIMS to be keeping his promises. His actual RECORD while in office has been broken promise after broken promise. That’s why even LIBERALS are complaining.

SLANTING THE NEWS: When former Democrat congressman William Jefferson was sent to prison for 13 years, there was nary a word in the liberal press. When a REPUBLICAN congressman was caught by a gay-hating cop moving his feet in a suspicious manner, it was touted to the skies even though a prominent DEMOCRAT member of Congress (Barney Frank) was hardly punished when his gay boyfriend was found running a gay whorehouse out of his (Frank’s) apartment.

WHAT’LL IT TAKE? Items like the one above are becoming common in the (non-liberal) news. Democrats all over the place are being “found out” and exposed in the “alternative media” every day. But Americans who don’t “pay attention to politics” elect and re-elect Democrats to high office, where they can gaily rip us off. What will it take to wake you people up? Gawd! I’m getting tired of this!

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