Saturday, December 19, 2009

Most of Their Criminals Are In Washington

It’s not surprising that they sent a bunch of murderous terrorist criminals to Illinois. Illinois sent most of their criminals to Washington and it’s only fair.

TAXING OUR FARTS: The Democrats are already taxing cow farts. Can human farts be far behind? They work hard every day to find new things to tax, and some of the silly things they’re taxing shows it.

DELUDED: Obama gives himself a “B+” so far, and he gave Oprah a “laundry list” of reasons why. Unfortunately, everything he listed is a NEGATIVE, not a positive. But neither he, nor his “disciples” know it. If he believes the things he listed are worth a “B+,” he is a seriously deluded individual.

CHARACTER: If you want to know what kind of a man Obama is, just look at the character of the people with whom he has surrounded himself.

A SLIGHT DIFFERENCE: There is a small difference between Obama’s “surge” and Bush’s. Bush’s was designed to WIN the war. Obama’s is not. He has said as much.

THE LIBERAL METHOD: If liberals ever come around to your way of thinking, don’t ever expect them to acknowledge it. They’ll just do what you suggested, while calling it their own idea.

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