Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Budget Surplus"

It’s a Democrat MYTH that they’re still telling, that Clinton left Bush a “budget surplus.” He only arrived at those numbers by including Social Security money, which is already “earmarked.” It was a “fiscal scam.”

$1.7 MILLION TO MAINTAIN A LIE: I wasn’t interested in the “Obama’s birth certificate” scandal until I found out he spent $1.7 million dollars of taxpayer money to FIGHT attempts to force him to PROVE he IS a citizen. Why? If he is, just SHOW it! Why does he fight it? He has also blocked access to ANY papers concerning his early life. What is he hiding?

NEVER DEAL WITH THE ISSUES: Democrats NEVER deal with the issues. They just call their critics names because they CANNOT answer the critic’s charges. Why don’t their dupes NOTICE this?

WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION: Does it say the government can DENY you lifesaving medical treatment because you’re “too old?” Where does it say they can control any part of your medical care? Where does it say they can give money to chosen people and take it from others? Where does it say they can ORDER you to buy ANYTHING and fine and/or IMPRISON you if you don’t?

IS THERE NO END? No end to the stupidities of the Obama administration? Now, after applying tax after tax on an already overtaxed nation, hoping that will “solve” the economic meltdown HE created to get elected, he is now going to go to Copenhagen and sell us out to the “greenies.”

IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS KILLING US? The guys who captured an Islamic terrorist who murdered and mutilated several people “roughed him up.” He’s lucky they didn’t just KILL him. I would have. This just illustrates how stupid we’ve become. This guy is a notorious murderer and NEEDS to be MORE than “roughed up.” Courts martial those who did it? I say give them a medal.

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