Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cophenhagen Pollution

Instead of a simple teleconference, which would use very little energy, 20,000 people used 4,000 limousines and 140 private planes to get to Copenhagen to “talk” about ways to reduce “global carbon.” Meanwhile, they spew enough “carbon” into the air to equal that spewed by 60 different countries in a year, combined. It’ll take a long time under very austere conditions, to equal the amount of carbon THEY spewed into the air getting there, and getting back home. What a bunch of hypocrites!

THE NEW PROSPERITY: Obama is criticizing Bush for doing many things HE says caused higher pollution levels, but says nothing about the fact that HE voted for everything about which he is now complaining. He’s also complaining about Iraq, but he voted for the “war resolution” that gave Bush the authority to GO to war in Iraq. He and his cronies are touting a .02% reduction in unemployment numbers as “the beginning of the recovery,” ignoring the fact that this .02% is almost ALL temporary jobs, created for the Christmas rush. Never mind they won’t let us call it Christmas.

PROSECUTING THE EXPOSERS: ACORN wants to prosecute the videographers who exposed their people’s willingness to help a pimp import underage girls for prostitution and lie to the IRS. Rather than answer the obvious charges. Those scientists who falsified climate change info to support AlGore’s health care swindle ALSO want to prosecute the people who released those damning e-mails. This is typical liberal. They always want to “go after” those who expose their illegal acts, so they don’t have to answer the charges.

“PIFFLE”: That’s how AlGore describes the EVIDENCE that the people he depended on for the “science” behind his global warming swindle were falsifying the data. This is typical of how Gore handles ANY evidence showing his swindle for what it is. Meanwhile, the Tiger Woods scandal got top billing, with no less than EIGHT stories.

SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME: The other day, Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid announced that Democrats have agreed on the law they want to pass to take over the health care system in this country. I was happy when they were fighting among themselves because nothing got done toward looting us all. Now they’ve agreed, I’m holding on tightly to my wallet, because they will soon have their hands deeper in my pocket. That scares me.

TEN YEARS LEFT: That’s how long we had left to live before the Earth kills us by the ONE DEGREE of temperature increase AlGore sees coming in 100 years. That’s what he said, FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. That’s just one place AlGore has been wrong. How can a man be so wrong on so many things and still be taken seriously by so many otherwise intelligent people?

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