Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Hope and Change"

Obama has talked a lot about “hope and change,” and it got him elected president. But what KIND of “hope and change” is he talking about? He has never said, and the media has never asked him. We NEED to ask, and DEMAND an answer. Not that we will get one, but even NOT getting one will tell us a lot.

ANOTHER DOG AND PONY SHOW: Obama Is holding a “jobs summit” at the White House. Does he really think ANYBODY who pays attention believes this crap? What he needs to do is GET OUT OF THE WAY and reduce the tax base, as Bush did. The result? More boom economy until Obama’s economic sabotage kicked in, just before the election, guaranteeing his election and that of lots of other Democrats.

TAXING THE OVERTAXED: Obama and the rest of the ignorant Democrats now running this country still think the way out of this “economic dilemma” is more taxes. It is NOT. Reagan and Bush proved it was not by significantly INCREASING the “tax take” by LOWERING taxes. Reagan’s tax cuts almost DOUBLED the “Tax take.” But Democrats ignore that.

TALIBAN “MELTS AWAY”: The Obama administration just can’t understand why the Taliban seems to have “melted away” so their “surge” becomes a fizzle. I can. They’re waiting for Obama to “cut & run,” which he has promised to do in 18 months. They figure why attack now and get their 74 virgins early when they can wait until American soldiers are gone and have an easy time of it, fighting only Karzai’s army.

“WHERE IS BIN LADEN?” The news media is still asking this question, years after we made a “crispy critter” out of him when we bombed one of his caves while he was hiding in it. Where is he? They swept him up with the rest of the trash, long ago. They say they haven’t heard anything about his activities for years and wonder why. The answer is easy. He hasn’t HAD any. He's dead.

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