Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Banker's Fiscal Responsibility

The liberals and all their dupes are constantly talking about banks being fiscally responsible. They are. Or they wouldn’t still be around. Where the LACK of fiscal responsibility lies is with the liberals in government, who FORCED them to BE irresponsible, by law, to get a bunch or liberals elected; and now are blaming THEM for the economic disaster.

IT WON’T BANKRUPT US: The news media keeps asking if the health care swindle (my description) is going to bankrupt this country. It won’t. It can’t; we’re already bankrupt. We NOW owe so much money to communist China and other “lenders” we won’t be able to pay it off in our lifetime. Not even that of our children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren. That is bankruptcy.

DOG AND PONY SHOW: That’s what happened in Copenhagen. A “dog and pony show” designed to fleece the United States and other rich countries. That’s all it’s for, beyond allowing thousands of environmentalists to expend carbon (just to get there) and claim it’s for our own good. Not to mention all the parties, drinking, and sex that goes on between meetings.

WILL CLOSING GITMO HELP? Liberals keep screaming that Gitmo is a “great recruiting point” for the Islamic terrorists. Will closing it make them love us? Not Likely, All they want to do is kill Infidels. For those who don’t know what that means, an “Infidel” is anybody who doesn’t believe the same way they do. Closing Gitmo will not change that.

STOP FALLING FOR IT! Islamic terrorists are taught to charge abuse or murder whenever they’re caught, whether or not it actually happened. We need to stop falling for their phony charges.

FINALLY, SOMETHING RIGHT: Place-holder Bennett finally did something right. The appointed Colorado Senator who was chosen to hold the Senate seat vacated by another Democrat appointed by Obama to a government post finally did something right. He criticized his fellow Democrat senators for “cutting deals” and selling their vote to the highest bidder. Harry Reid PRAISED those senators as if what they did was something ALL senators should do. This is the kind of man we have running the Senate.

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