Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gore Makes It Up

Today he’s saying the polar ice caps will be entirely melted in five years. He has no proof of that, but that has never stopped him in the past. He thinks up something that will cause more people to give him money and he touts it. That’s AlGore. If you question him, he says you’re a “denier.” Then he becomes a "denier" himself when he denies “living proof” that his scientists are lying about “the science.”

“CONTROVERSIAL” BOOK: Recently, a man brought a book back to the library, that was taken out in 1910. The title? “Facts You Need to Know About Your New Country.” But that’s not the story. Considering what is probably in it, knowing the liberals had not yet perverted such books in 1910, that book would today be labeled “controversial.”

THE “LAW OF ARMED CONFLICT”: Nobody ever suggested that Nazis be released after a certain length of time. Under the “Law of Armed Conflict,” you don’t EVER have to release an armed enemy as long as the war goes on. They can DIE in captivity for all we care. They brought it on themselves. But if you bring them into American civilian courts, you’re giving them rights to which they’re not entitled. Can you imagine a soldier trying to read him his rights as he is shooting at him? For Obama to do that is complete STUPIDITY. But I’ve said that before, and nobody is listening.

CONTROLLING YOUR PROPERTY: The government has any number of ways to take over control of your land. One is, ANY time an animal on an “endangered species list” shows up on your land, they can take away control of that land from you. How much trouble would it be for someone to place one there while a “government agent” is standing by waiting?

“AMERICA SUCKS!” That’s Obama’s message every time he opens his mouth promising to “make America better.” America doesn’t NEED to be “made better.” There’s a good reason why people by the millions come here, legally AND illegally. We’re better than anywhere else in the world, and they KNOW it, even if Obama doesn’t.

OBAMA HATES CAPITALISM: It is capitalism that caused this country to outdo, in less than 300 years, countries that have been in existence for THOUSANDS of years. Yet Obama and his cronies and accomplices want to replace capitalism, a PROVEN system, with socialism, a system that has been proven not to work, everywhere it has been tried.

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