Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Unruly Mobs"

That’s what Obama calls the people who are trying to be heard over the shouting of Obama’s “union thugs” at those ubiquitous town hall meetings where his “mouthpieces” are getting “reamed” by Americans. But there is no PROOF of this. The ONLY“ violence” at these meetings is that done by his union thugs, against demonstrators. I think those thugs ought to be beaten up by the crowds when they beat up on demonstrators. Even if they don’t, they’ll get accused of it. So why not do it?

“SCARE TACTICS”: Obama is accusing opponents to his “socialized medicine swindle” of using “scare tactics” when they tell the TRUTH about what is IN his proposal. But the only “scare tactics” are HIS when he sends his union thugs out to beat up on demonstrators.

“NO PUBLIC OPTION”: rumor has it Obama is removing “the public option” from his health care swindle. Even so, look for it to be there under a different name, or many different names.

OBAMA: LEAVE US ALONE! That’s what a rising number of Americans are saying to Obama and his thugs. Like that old commercial saying, “Mother, I’d rather do it myself,” I’d change it to say, “Obama, I’d rather do it myself!” I don’t need Obama sticking his nose into my health care.

“NOT FOR US”: government employees all, including congresspeople and Senators, as well as the president, don’t have to submit themselves to the “health care swindle” Obama wants to impose on us, And don’t look for that to ever happen because they’re “better than us.”

“CLINTON’S STAR RISING”: No, not Hillary, Bill. It is said that his “approval numbers” are now better than Obama’s after his trip to Korea to bring back those two women. Forget that the whole trip was a “set-up.” That their release and return was agreed to before he ever left home. Probably before they were even kidnapped for ransom—that ransom being Clinton’s visit) Nothing he did except “show up” caused their release. Kim just wanted a former “high U. S. official” at his “beck and call” for a while.

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