Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama As Dictator

I never thought I’d be living in a country that ignorantly let someone use the same tactics as did Adolph Hitler in Germany after being freely elected (if it was free) to gain complete control of a government, but that’s what we’re faced with today. Obama is doing everything Hitler and the Nazis did to increase their power. They’ll criticize me for saying “Nazi,” but they first mentioned it when they referred to the “hated” Bush administration and more recently when Nancy Pelosi (with no proof) said “Tea Party” demonstrators were wearing swastikas (They WERE! Inside red circles with a line through it). If we don’t stop them, soon we’ll be “government property” and they’ll make ALL our decisions. And if we so much as complain, we’ll be punished.

“PANIC GOVERNING” Have you noticed that everything Obama wants to do is to “solve” an “emergency?” That he always wants Congress to pass his laws QUICKLY, without even reading them? While only releasing the 1,000 page bills hours before a vote? That’s because he doesn’t want ANYBODY to be able to know what’s IN these bills that contain language that soon will make him into a dictator if we allow it.

BELIEVE IT! Nobody seems to want to believe that we have freely elected (if we did) a bunch of con men to run our government, and that they would actually pass laws and do other things that will enslave us if we don’t pay attention to what they’re doing and vote them out in the next possible election. I believe it because I’ve seen it before. He’s using the same tactics Hitler used to “take over” Germany after being elected Chancellor.

CASH FOR CLUNKERS A FAILURE: Obama is crowing about the “success” of the “cash for clunkers” scam. He thinks it is a “success” if you offer “free money” and people line up to take it. His first billion dollars lasted only 4 days. To him that’s success. Now Congress has given him another $2 billion to play with. That ought to last about EIGHT days and cost charities a lot of money.

“DEMONIZE” YOUR ENEMIES: That’s right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” read by sixties radicals who made so much noise in the sixties and are now IN OFFICE in our government. But they don’t like the same tactics being used AGAINST them so they call demonstrators an “unruly mob.” That’s not what they called the “unruly mobs” who demonstrated FOR their ideas.

MAKING A PROFIT: That’s what existing insurance companies have to do to stay in business. Government does not. Obama says we can keep our insurance if we like it (unless there is ONE change in it) but HE doesn’t have to make a profit. So that takes the “fairness” out of it. Soon those companies, not making a profit and being unable to compete, will disappear, leaving ONLY the “public option” and then we’ll be FINED thousands of dollars if we don’t “sign up.” Is this going to be good for us?

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