Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Lured Him Outside"

so he could arrest him. That’s what the liberals in media (even one at Fox News) are trying to sell us about the Gates/Crowley case. But Gates didn’t need much “luring,” it appears. He willingly (without “luring”) followed Crowley out to his car as he was trying to leave his (Gates’) big mouth behind. But Gates wasn’t cooperating. He continued to berate him until Crowley, desperate to shut him up and go on with his day, arrested him for disturbing the peace.

CONGRESS EXEMPTS ITSELF: Have you noticed that whenever Congress passes some onerous law, they always pointedly exempt themselves so they won’t have to suffer from it? Like when they created that pyramid scheme called Social Security and made sure they had a different, much better health care plan, paid for by others. The president’s plan is even better. He has a doctor AND an ambulance “standing by” just in case he gets sick.

HIS OWN WORDS! Obama is convicted of being a racist with his OWN WORDS. All you have to do is read his book, “Rembrances of My Father” (or some such). In it, he talks about many things, one of which is a cop being “surprised to find a clean, articulate black man who is polite.” That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I believe his now vice-president said something similar about HIM while he was running against him in the primaries.

RIDICULE: The liberals think ridiculing us for saying Obama’s “health care swindle” is socialism will work. But it IS. It is socialism personified. The only people with whom it WILL work are those who pay NO ATTENTION to politics until just before an election when the lies are flying. Of course, it is those people to whom they are pandering. The only way not to “buy” their lies is to PAY ATTENTION to politics! Politics will CERTAINLY pay attention to YOU.

OBAMA: “NO LOBBYISTS”: He has said, “there will be no lobbyists in my administration.” But if that were true, he’d have to fire 90% of the people IN his administration. There is more lobbying going on in Washington than ever before, and more lobbyists in this administration than in any before it. Which just shows you how truthful Obama is.

EVEN ON FOX: “Profit” is somehow “dirty,” according to liberals. And that fallacy has “filtered over” even to Fox News. Today I actually HEARD a Fox News commentator SAYING it. Apparently they don’t know the only way they’re going to get paid is if the outfit they work for MAKES a profit. Profit is the “lubrication” that makes this world “go around.” Even SOCIALIST nations (such as communist China) use the profit motive in their dealings with other countries, even though they deny its advantages (for the most part) to its citizens. When are these people going to learn such a simple thing?

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