Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rush Using "The Nazi Word?"

Liberals are “giving Rush Limbaugh hell” for “calling liberals Nazis” when it was Democrat (liberal) Nancy Pelosi and other liberals who first brought up the “Nazi” thing and applied it to HIM. And it is liberals who are using Nazi methods to solidify their power (but they don’t want people to SAY it). These people are so irresponsible it amazes me. And they THINK they are convincing people.

THEY’RE “IN DENIAL”: Presidential press flack Robert Gibbs says, “The town hall meetings are not indicative of what’s really going on in America. What’s this guy SMOKING? The same thing as Obama? The abysmal IGNORANCE of these people amazes me! Do they really think we BELIEVE any of this crap? I don’t think most of the Democrats are going to survive 2010, and Obama will be gone in 2012. Especially if Sarah Palin runs against him.

“NOT REPRESENTATIVE” Sen. Arlen Specter says the “hard questions” he has received at those ubiquitous town hall meetings is “not representative of what Americans think.” But they ARE. That’s what so frightens him, as well as Obama and the rest of his henchmen. America is “standing up” and telling them exactly how it feels, and they can’t stand that. They can’t afford to tell the TRUTH about what they’re doing, and Americans are catching them in their lies.

AMERICA IS “WAKING UP”: And that’s scaring the hell out of Democrats. They thought they could fool America forever, but they’re wrong. With the “alternative media” telling them the TRUTH about what they’re doing and Americans no longer having to depend on their “willing accomplices” in the liberal media who are telling them lies. They’ve “awakened a sleeping giant.” They can deny that all they want, but America is “waking up” and they are realizing the people they elected are con artists who are conning them out of not only their constitutional rights, but TRILLIONS of their dollars, as well.

NO “WEASEL WORDS”: What I like about Sarah Palin is that she refuses to use “weasel words” in challenging the liberal administration. Liberals say she has “crossed the line.” But who DRAWS the line? The liberals, of course.

NATIONAL SOCIALISM: Nazism is but one kind of socialism, the system Obama and his henchmen are trying to impose on this country by “hook or crook.” They say WE are “crossing the line” when we suggest they are trying to impose a Nazi system on us, but they are. The system they want to impose is eerily similar to what Adolph Hitler imposed upon the German people. The “line” they talk about is one THEY imposed. And I, for one, will continue to “cross it” every chance I get. Irritating liberals is my “favorite thing.”

LIBERALS NEVER GIVE UP: They never go away. We defeat them time and time again but they go away for a while, lick their wounds, and come right back next year with the same thing. Sometimes there are “cosmetic differences,” but in totality it is the same thing: hidden socialism. They hope to “wear us down,” and sometimes they do. Which is why we now have a liberal-controlled government that is moving ever closer to socialism.

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