Thursday, August 13, 2009

The U. S. Is Broke

So they’re buying a bunch or new private jets to carry congresspeople on their vacations and junkets. They SAY they’re canceling the purchase, but I don’t believe that for a minute. But that’s only the “tip of the iceberg” compared to the other th9ings they want to spend the money they don’t have on, such as the planned takeover of the medical care business and other things. Obama seems to think there is “no end” to the money—and there isn’t, for him—as long as he can get away with counterfeiting money without punishment. We’re the only ones who are punished, when suddenly our money buys a lot less than before.

SUDDEN INCREASE IN ANTI-GOVERNMENT GROUPS: Liberals say one of the reasons for the rise in such groups is that some people “don’t like having a black president.” What a load THAT is; we ELECTED a black president! The reason for the rise is that Obama has gone too far, too fast; and people are now “getting wise to him” and starting to organize against him. And that has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Personally, I don’t care if he is black, white, or purple with pink polka-dots. Mark Potok, with the “Southern Poverty Law Center,” a very liberal racist group itself, says people need to see if he “makes sense.” I have, and he doesn’t.

RACISM ISN’T “OVER”: Many people said electing a black president would “end racism forever.” It didn’t. It only exacerbated (made worse) the whole problem because the PRESIDENT and his goons call you racist ANY TIME you disagree with him rather than actually ANSWER your charges.

THE NEW “N-WORD”: Nobody wants to say “nigger” any more, and I support that. There’s no use for that word except to denigrate someone. But the liberals are now trying to remove the word “socialism” from the language people are allowed to use by calling socialism “the new N word.” I don’t buy that. I will continue to use the word “socialism” to describe what Obama and his gang are after. If they make use of that word a crime, I’ll become a criminal.

MISLEADING MYTHS: That’s what the Obama swindlers call the logical facts given them in “town hall” meetings when asking a logical question. This shows their complete CONTEMPT for the people who elected them. These people, unlike Obama’s cohorts, have actually READ the bills (so far) now in Congress, even if they had to stay up nights to do so (something our congresspeople are apparently not willing to do, even though they’re PAID to do so) and this angers them that the average American knows more about their subject than they do.

OUT OF TOILET PAPER! That’s a current problem in Cuba, the “worker’s paradise” where a “new car” is often of fifties vintage. Where there is a “two-tier” medical system where Fidel and his accomplices get “top tier” treatment while the average Cuban gets a lot less, while liberals crow about the “excellent medical care” in Cuba, which does not exist.

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