Thursday, August 20, 2009

"That's A Lie! Next Question!"

That’s the Democrat (liberal) way to answer “tough questions” in “town hall” meetings and in Robert Gibbs’ press briefings. Anything they can’t logically answer, they call a lie, then ignore the questioner. That’s easy to do when your people control the podium.

PHONY CONSERVATIVES: People like Kathleen Parker, who CLAIMS to be a conservative, yet criticizes conservatives, saying they are “racist.” This proves that Obama’s contention that electing him would “destroy racism forever” is false. It merely made it worse, since he and his accomplices call EVERYBODY who opposes him racist. This does nothing but show his COMPLETE CONTEMPT for the people who elected him and his cronies.

WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION does it give Obama the power to do ANYTHING he has done? One congressman in the past once said (and I’m paraphrasing) “I fail to see anything in the Constitution that allows the government to take money or property from one American and give it to another.” But nobody (with any power at all) questions him, so he gets away with it.

NUMBERS OUT OF THIN AIR: That’s where Obama gets all these numbers he quotes. The $40,000 or $50,000 to amputate a leg, for instance. Then there’s that famous “47,000 people without health care insurance” figure that has been spouted for years. It’s a phony number, based on counting people who don’t WANT health insurance and those who don’t have it for ONE DAY in any given year. Corrections are not made for those who get it the next day.

WE’RE SCARING THEM TO DEATH! Every time I hear a liberal give Rush Limbaugh hell I love it! That means to me, he’s EFFECTIVE. They’re “pulling out all the guns” to discredit him, but they can’t. Anybody who actually LISTENS to Rush knows he speaks LOGIC. They can’t “dismiss” it, so they simply try and discredit him without ever talking about the issues. If they did, Rush would destroy them.

“UNFORTUNATE SITUATION”: That’s how a female liberal refers to Clinton getting oral sex (yes, SEX, whatever he calls it) in the White House. But if it was HER husband doing that, she would not call it “an unfortunate situation.” It continues to amaze me how even female newspeople can “paper over” the fact that Bill Clinton had his pants down getting oral sex IN the White House while important people were waiting in the outer office.

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