Thursday, August 6, 2009

Not His Business

Obama is holding a “texting summit” to “deal with” people who text while driving and other “driving while distracted” issues. What the hell business is it of his? Texting while driving is a STATE issue, not federal. Doesn’t he have enough on his plate with all the giveaways he’s pushing?

"IS NO ALL YOU CAN SAY?" That’s what the Democrats are asking the Republicans, as if NOTHING is good enough for them. But it’s true. Nothing the Democrats have done so far IS good enough for the Republicans. If they ever DID do something good (such as get rid of Bush’s ban on paying for any infant stem cell research), I’d be the first to praise them for it. But the good things they do are very rare, and I’ for one, am not afraid to criticize them for them.

BI-PARTISAN? I don’t EVER plan on being “bipartisan.” Being bipartisan means to abandon your principles and agree with the opposition. I will not ever do that, no matter how much the liberals criticize me for it. That’s one of their chief cons, anyway, hoping to “shame” people into agreeing with them. I don’t fall for it.

“SERVING THEIR TIME”: Obama and his gang talk about Islamic terrorists “serving their time” and being released. These people are not here TO “serve their time.” They are the same as prisoners of war, but they don’t even qualify for that status since they wear no uniforms and represent no government. They are being held simply to keep them off the battlefield so they can’t kill any more innocent men, women, and children. To think otherwise is INSANITY.

LYING LIBERALS: They lie outright whenever opposed. The majority of Americans want NO PART of Obama’s health care swindle yet they continue to lie and say a majority WANT universal health care. But the “alternative media” has done a good job of making people a lot better informed than before. In fact, better informed than Obama’s goons, sent out to con us into agreeing to our own destruction.

THE “FIX IS IN”: Sotomayor WILL be confirmed. The “fix is in.” The “dog and pony show” around her confirmation is only to convince gullible Americans there was ever any question. I will be very surprised if she is not, regardless of her racist tendencies and her tendency to make findings based on her own opinions, not on what’s in the Constitution. She forgets there is only ONE source to look in for her findings, and that is the Constitution. But she’s a liberal and doesn’t think that way.

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