Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Specter Says "LIAR!"

He ought to know how to recognize one, since he's one of the biggest. Somebody asked him about people in their seventies being “written off” under “Obamacare.” To which he replied, “That’s a dastardly lie!” But it’s not. Obama himself has said so in front of a crowd of his friends AND a television camera. I’ve seen it and heard it myself. It was not “taken out of context.” They can’t answer our questions with truth, so they lie.

MAN BEATEN AT TAX PROTEST: Kenneth Gladney was selling anti-tax buttons at an anti-tax meeting and was beaten by some of Obama’s blue-shirted union thugs. Then he was ridiculed by liberal blogs when he showed up at another meeting in a wheelchair (since he was so “doped up” under doctor’s orders he couldn’t even talk, let a lone walk). This is classic liberal. Have your goons beat somebody up, then ridicule him/her.

WHY DON’T THEY LEARN? Americans want nothing to do with Obama’s “health care swindle,” and they’ve said so at every “town hall” meeting where they were allowed to speak. At other meetings they were thrown out and the meeting canceled because Democrats were afraid of the reasoned questions they asked (based on an actual READING of the bill) and called them an “unruly mob.” Problem is, the Senators have not read the bill, but questioners have. And that frightens them. They’re determined to impose this on us whether we like it or not and they’ll do what it takes to accomplish it.

SIT DOWN! SHUT UP! That’s what Obama wants us to do. He’s blaming Rush Limbaugh for the violence at some “Tea Party” demonstrations that were caused by his own union thugs. He knows that those who don’t pay attention will believe him (and his dupes) when he blames such as Rush. This is how the Democrats have amassed so much power. Creating violence then blaming others for it.

“TOO WELL-DRESSED”: That’s what Democrats say about demonstrators AGAINST Obama’s “health care swindle.” Apparently only “dirty, ragged hippies” can be taken seriously as demonstrators. There are many hammer & sickles in evidence at these demonstrations, always used to impute a connection to communism in this government. Apparently that doesn’t bother the liberals. Maybe they even like it.

OBAMA LIES AGAIN: Just like he was lying when he said Caterpillar would be rehiring people as soon as his “bailout bill” was passed (He lied when he said the Caterpillar CEO told him that. They not only did NOT rehire anyone, they’re laying more people off), he is lying again when he tells people AARP supports his health care swindle. They have NOT decided yet to support OR oppose his plans. But when did truth ever matter to Obama?

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