Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Keeping Us Honest"

Secretary of Health Sebelius (however she spells it) says all the government is doing is “keeping the insurance companies “honest.” But who keeps the GOVERNMENT honest? I don’t know of any organization that is more DIShonest.

LET HIM DIE ALONE: The Scotts want to let the only convicted terrorist responsible for the Lockerbie, Scotland airplane disaster that killed 270 be free to die at home with family. They do that if the prisoner has three months or less to live in Scotland. I think they should put him in a deep, dark dungeon just big enough for him to be able to lie down, which never sees the light of day, and leave him to die there, with no contact with anyone, not even his guards.

GOVERNMENT-MANDATED “INSURANCE MESS”: They talk about the “health insurance mess” and the “high medical costs” as the “reason” for government intervention in both. What they DON’T tell you is that ALL those things are government CREATED. The high medical costs are because of the government-mandated paperwork that takes up so much of SOMEBODY’S (sometimes the doctor’s) time and all the “rules and regulations” in the insurance industry doing the same. Does anybody (outside of liberal politicians) think more government intervention will make it any better?

DEALERS “OPTING OUT”: They’re “opting out” because they’re not getting paid. This will, of course, cause Obama’s ill-advised Keynesian scheme to ultimately fail because he forgot to hire enough bureaucrats to process the deals. I wonder what’s going to happen to the used car market when all those perfectly good cars he has had crushed or disabled are no longer on the market for people who can’t afford a new car under any circumstances won’t be able to buy one?

FALSE STATISTICS: Obama again “threw in” that false “47,000.000 Americans who can’t get health insurance” number in a radio interview with a liberal interviewer who calls himself a conservative. He never mentions that the largest part of that number is made up of people who DON’T WANT health insurance, plus those without insurance for only one day.

“RUSH IT THROUGH”: Why does Obama want to “rush” his health care swindle through so fast we don’t have time to really examine it? Because if we DO examine it, we’ll see that we want no part of it. He’s seeing the result now of just a small part of Americans actually READING the major bills that are out now.

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