Monday, October 2, 2017

Typical Anti-Gun Ignorance

The Scientific American, no less, has come out with an article that says basically that "more guns equals more crime and more rape." Which is a very ignorant statement. Only more guns in the hands of "bad guys" means that. More guns in the hands of the law-abiding means LESS crime, rape, and murders. These people are supposed to be in the "upper echelon" of Intelligence. Instead, they prove themselves to be as ignorant as are ALL anti-gun fools who think they can eliminate crime by getting rid of guns. Intelligent people know that even if you COULD get rid of all guns in the hands of law-abiding people, the thugs and murderers, and rapists would have a field day in the absence of ANY meaningful opposition. Those who don't obey laws will always be able to get guns.

ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: The fools who refuse to rise for the National Anthem are costing their teams (and the NFL) hundreds of millions of dollars in lost attendance by their actions. This is NOT freedom of speech because they are doing it while on the job. And I'm sure every team has clauses in their contracts allowing them to not only discipline a player, but to FIRE him if he damages the team, in any way, And these fools are not only damaging their teams, but also the league and the game, as well. They should be warned ONCE, then dealt with. The image of an entire team standing while the National Anthem is played, arm in arm with their OWNER, makes me physically ill. I'm ashamed at their stupidity.

FOOTBALL WALKOUT? I hear talk about a player walkout if their owners take action against them for them not standing for the National Anthem. Okay, Let them. These dimwitted players are already costing them more than they'd lose by that. Stop paying them while they're "on strike," and fire them if they miss too many games. There are many ways to handle this abomination based on IGNORANCE, and the owners should use them. The fact is, these "demonstrations" ARE based on ignorance while the players are "on the clock" as EMPLOYEES.. They've bought the bullcrap fed them every day by the liberals, who just want to injure the country, and lie about everything, every day.

YES, IT'S THAT STUPID: Gun control is like putting up a sign next to a bunch of sheep saying, "no wolves allowed." Who's gonna read it? The wolves? No; the wolves are going to come in and kill a few sheep for dinner. The same is true of the "wolves" of society. The criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists, and others who just want to commit mayhem will walk right by the signs saying, "no guns allowed," and shoot as many unarmed people as they can. They couldn't care less about the stupid gun laws that are dependent upon lawbreakers to OBEY their laws.

THEY SHOULDN'T NEED A VOTE: The Denver Broncos, had a vote, that as a team they would stand for the National Anthem at their games. Great. Makes me proud they're my home team, even if my interest in football never came about. I couldn't care less about their "demonstration" when they do it by disrespecting our flag and its anthem. But I am required to ask, "why is a vote necessary?" If they really cared about their country--a country that, by its very existence, guarantees them the right to such damned foolishness, they'd find another way to demonstrate that doesn't illustrate their stupidity.

PUNISHING ACHIEVEMENT: It goes against logic. The rich are the ACHIEVERS. They are the people who come up with the innovative ideas that cause economic activity and creates jobs, and that's what CREATES additional taxable income. They are the ones who create jobs by HIRING people to build the things their innovative ideas create; and the selling of those things creates even more economic activity, which, in turn, creates more taxable income. so why do they think it's a good thing to tax "the rich" at a higher rate than everybody else? That's really stupid.

OWNERS MAKING MISTAKE: The team owners who can be seen linking arms with their players to diss the National Anthem against the wishes of their fans (customers) are making a big mistake, and it is costing them millions of dollars. Yes, if the players don't show up, there'll be no game, while if the fans don't show up, the game will go on--but at what cost? The liberal media says they're doing a good thing. But the lack of attendance by fans tell another story. If the players don't show up, I'm sure there is something in their contract that allows them to stop paying them. When they do, they WILL show up.

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