Tuesday, October 10, 2017

He'll Find A Way

Gun control doesn't matter. Days after a terrorist murdered almost sixty people and injured another almost 500 who were enjoying a concert, not knowing an evil soul was about to ruin not only their night, but their entire lives, even if they don't die right there, liberals all over are clamoring for more gun control The current flavor is no longer on "silencers," but is now on "bump stocks (Except for Hillary, who is predictably not only ignorant, but way behind times). Is there any intelligent person out there who really believes that if he couldn't legally get everything he needed for his killing spree that he couldn't have found a source from whom he could ILLEGALLY BUY what he needed, or build it, himself?

GUN GRABBERS SALIVATING: Everybody's so upset over one man killing 58 and wounding almost 500 from his perch on the 32nd floor of a hotel, they just aren't thinking straight--as usual. The unfortunate part is the stupidity seems to have even affected President Trump. He appears to support BANNING "bump stocks," as does the NRA (maybe). But the NRA has come out and DENIED supporting a ban, only "taking a look" at it and seeing if further regulation of them is appropriate. Trump hasn't clarified his position, but if he supports ANY kind of further limitations on our constitutional right to be armed for self defense, it will be to his detriment--and I don't think he's that stupid.

I THINK HE'S LYING: Jimmy Kimmel has increased the number of ARMED security people at front and back of his studio after what he describes as "Trump supporting protesters" who don't like his support for Obamacare. I think he's lying about it, hoping for more publicity for his silly show. The truth about it is that Trump supporters do NOT do VIOLENT demonstrations in support of their position. It is liberals and Dumocrats who do. So to believe Trump supporters are suddenly a "violent threat" to him is absurd, and not to be believed. Can he point to a SINGLE violent protest" committed by Trump supporters OR conservatives of any kind?

MICHELLE'S A RACIST: Michelle Obama is a racist. She hates white people, and she shows it every time she opens her blow hole. Her latest affirmation of that is her contention that the Republicans are "all white men," which is patently wrong, and she has to know that the GOP is made up of many kinds of people, white, black, Indian, Fiji Islanders, Taiwanese. Many women, and many others. That makes her not only a racist, but a LIAR too. Michelle early on cemented her place as a racist when she was heard to say that her husband's election "restored her faith in America." That was a definite racist comment, and she continued, during the entire 8 years of Obama's insipid administration.

CALIFORNIA IGNORANCE: California is one of the most ignorant states out there. They think they can make unconstitutional laws and make them stick. The only problem is that such laws can ruin many lives while being enforced BEFORE the Supreme Court can get around to declaring them unconstitutional--which I guess they were counting on when they made a law making it a CRIME to use the wrong personal pronoun to describe someone, which is a CLEAR violation of the FIRST Amendment to the Constitution.

JUST GOTTA CRITICIZE! President Trump and VP Pence both came to Puerto Rico to see for themselves the damage, and the efforts to overcome it. They pledged to be "with them" however long or how much money it takes. And of course, the liberal media did not show the many interviews with the intelligent people who know how the world works, who complimented our efforts. They showed the ONE interview with an ignorant man who CRITICIZED the fact that Trump took a week to get there. Damned fool; does he think PR is the only place we're helping? And nary a word about the millions of dollars in men and equipment we sent, within HOURS of their disaster. Some fools just gotta criticize!

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