Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Today's Outrage

How many days has it been since a crazed fool shot and killed 58 people and injured almost 500 in Las Vegas? Two days? Now another crazed fool drove up on the sidewalk (again) in London and toppled a bunch of pedestrians like ten pins. What is going to be the new outrage tomorrow? In New York City, they broke up a terror plot to blow up a subway station. What's next? What the hell is it that, all of a sudden, since Columbine and the Twin Towers, has resulted in the creation of a "cottage industry" of killing as many people as you can, for either stupid reasons, or no reason at all

CHUCKIE'S STUPID: Senate MINORITY Leader Chuckie Schumer, says, "If the dead could talk, they'd say to buck the NRA. He says Trump is "waiting to hear what the NRA says before acting on the anti-gun fool control measures (currently silencers and bump-stocks). First of all, if Trump started backing their stupid gun control measures, he would lose ALL his support, including mine. Which is what Chuckie wants, of course. They're trying, every day, to accomplish that, but Trump is too smart by half for them.

"IF DEAD COULD TALK" Chuckie Schumer says, "If the dead could talk, they'd tell Trump to buck the NRA." What a really STUPID thing to say! But then, I expect such stupidities from Chuckie. First of all, because of the NRA for the most part, there are way LESS law-abiding people dead from gunfire because more and more law-biding people can actually shoot back, and aren't completely DEFENSELESS when faced with a "bad guy" with AN illegal GUN. The things Chuckie and all the other anti-gun fools say, promote, and pass into law do NOTHING to "stem gun violence." Instead, they INCREASE gun violence, making people who actually OBEY laws defenseless against people who do not.

SELF DEFENSE? DISARM YOURSELF! That's what the anri-gun fools are telling us. Within MINUTES of the last shot being fired in Las Vegas, they were clamoring (again) ro disarm America as a means of "reducing gun violence." Never mind that the Las Vegas killer followed every law, passed every test, in getting his guns LEGALLY. Then he proceeded to VIOLATE many laws when he settled into his little "hidey hole" and started killing people, shooting from afar. And the anti-gun fools are predictably using this shooting as a means to further DISARM law-abiding Americans while those who don't OBEY laws have no problem getting their guns.

COLUMBUS DAY BOYCOTT: The first thing I heard on turning on the TV today was some fool asking the question, "Should we still celebrate Columbus Day?" all because some liberal damned fool (a repetition, there) said we should not. I'm getting very tired of the STUPID things the liberals are trying to DICTATE we do, Yes, Columbus might have done some things that weren't the best, But he WAS an explorer of note, even if discovering America WAS an accident. Anybody who does what liberals "order' him to do is a fool.

"UP AGAINST THE WALL!" Anti-gun fools are like a kid throwing his skivvies up against the wall to see if they stick so he'll know if he had a good time, since he was so drunk he couldn't remember. Every time some fool like the killer in Las Vegas opens fire on somebody, they want to ban something else. Never mind what they ban does NOTHING to reduce gun violence, because they're (as usual) missing the target by blaming the GUN, not the PERSON. They seem to think that somebody who is contemplating the very worst kind of a crime will, somehow, OBEY their piddling little laws and by that, be stopped in his tracks. It ain't agonna happen!

DISARMING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: For some reason most don't know, the liberals (Dumbocrats) want to disarm the American people. I say "most people." But that doesn't include people who are still able to THINK. We know that the real reason is well hidden. They are AFRAID of an "armed America," because of their future plans for us. Those plans involve ponying up false "charges" on people whose property they want to steal, then raid them to get the job done. And if their victims have guns, they will be facing more danger than they like. So they want as few law-abiding people to have guns as possible when they come for their property.

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