Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Millions Join NK Army

N. Korea says Trump's comments about them have caused millions to join the military to fight America. I sincerely doubt it. In that country, you do what Kim orders you to do, or you die--or are imprisoned. So my guess is millions of N. Koreans were ORDERED to join the military with the idea that fighting America will be necessary. It would not have been except for Kim's big mouth. He has been threatening us with nuclear war for a long time, and now it has become NECESSARY to "take him down" before he kills a bunch of Americans while committing national suicide.

"SILENCERS COST LIVES": This writer says he is still alive because the mass shooter at Virginia Tech had an unsilenced gun. Hearing the shots gave him time to go out a window and fall 19 feet, to break his leg in two places, but he is still alive. all well and good, but why not consider what would have happened if he had had a legal gun and a carry permit. Instead of taking the coward's way out and breaking his leg, he could have shot the shooter to death as he came in the classroom door and saved a bunch of lives--everybody that shooter killed after coming into his classroom, including a classmate and his professor.

TOTALLY STUPID THINKING: Shannon Watts, kingpin of "MOMS Against Guns" (or something like that) thinks background checks could have stopped the Las Vegas shooting. But what if the shooter has not committed a crime before? Other anti-gun fools say "gun-free zones" could stop it. the Mandalay Bay Hotel WAS a "gun-free zone." So how did that affect this killing spree? Word is the shooter had numerous guns in his room at that hotel. How did he get them into his room at a hotel that was a "gun-free zone?" The same applies to all the silly laws about "safe storage." Somebody bent on a mass killing spree isn't interested in "safe storage" of his guns, and couldn't care less about these piddling little laws.

LIBERAL CHEAP SHOTS: I'm constantly seeing "heap shots" aimed at Donald Trump. Shots based on IGNORANCE and no proof of anything bad. Just this morning, I saw one in a cartoon strip I will not identify because the artist does not deserve to be named. He said Trump had "given up on taking health care away from millions of people and is moving on to tax reduction." That displays an abysmal IGNORANCE. Those "millions" who would lose their insurance will only "lose" it because they OPTED OUT of the unnecessarily expensive insurance required by Obamacare, and the ridiculously high deductibles that makes the "insurance" USELESS.

VICTIMS AND BLAMING OTHERS: The Dumocrats promote victimization. It's how they get, and retain power; convince as many people as possible that they are a victim of something or other that can be attributed to "society." Then add the teaching that you can blame others for your own misfortunes that comes from people like Hillary Clinton blaming everyone but herself for her humiliating defeat at the polls, and soon you have a bunch of malcontents running around feeling like victims of society while blaming others (society) for their own misfortunes. It doesn't take much more than that for somebody who is mentally unstable to begin with to think of shooting into a crowd from many floors up.

HILLARY CONDEMNS NRA: Just as if she actually KNEW something. She blames the NRA and their efforts to defend our constitutionally guaranteed right to own and bear arms for self defense. Never mind that NONE of the laws proposed and PASSED by the anti-gun fools WORK to keep guns out of the bad guys, who get them illegally, anyway. In most cases, just ONE legally armed person in the crowd could stop the mass shooter in his tracks by KILLING him early on. But they won't hear of that, as if they had a better idea. Which they don't.

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