Friday, October 6, 2017

Disarming Yourself

It's not self defense to disarm yourself. It's stupidity. You cannot defend yourself against all the millions of ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals and other malcontents. The anti-gun fools are just LAZY to target GUNS, instead of the activity that ENGENDERS shootings. Gang members, for instance, are usually too young to be able to buy a gun legally, yet they have them, illegally, and they use them on one another AND innocent people, either on purpose, or by accident. My thesis is PROVEN in Chicago, where they have some of the tightest gun laws in the land, coupled with the highest gun deaths in the land, proving that gun laws NEVER work, and to continue passing them shows complete IGNORANCE on the part of the lawmakers.

HILLARY IS CLUELESS: Within MINUTES of the begginung of the Las Vegas massacre, even while authorities were still removing bodies, she had the temerity to advance the current narrative about "silencers," saying, in her IGNORANCE, that if the shooter had had a silencer, many more would have died because they couldn't hear the shots. What an absolute IMBECILE this woman is! First of all, you can't put a suppressor on such a gun. It would melt the barrel. Second, a "silencer" is NOT "silent." It's as loud as a triphammer, which is not "silent." It just is not quite AS loud as a gunshot. And what kind of law would have stopped this massacre? I don't think she has a clue.

MORE FAKE NEWS: One liberal news source wrote that the Sec. of State was "ready to resign" after being criticized by Trump, and that he called Trump a "moron." And more news sources jumped on the story. Only one problem. It was MADE UP by the original source. The Sec. of State had no intention to resign, and he refused to dignify the reporter's question about calling Trump a moron with an answer, which, of course, was reported as that he had "NOT DENIED calling Trump a moron," creating even more fake news.

MOST GUN DEATHS ARE SUICIDES: The liberal media likes to give you the "news" in a misleading way, like their recent story about gun deaths being "more numerous that all the gun deaths in recent wars." That may be true, but I dount it. The numbers fon't support it.. The only problem is that is is totally MISLEADING, since 2/3 of all gun deaths are SUICIDES, with murder being only about 1/3 to 1/4 of the total gun deaths--and those were mostly not committed by "the average person," but were committed by rival gang members killing each other in "turf wars," as in Chicago and other cities in spite of all their tough gun laws.

ALL ABOUT CONTROL: The anti-gun fools tell us their schemes to violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution is to "keep guns out of the hands of the evil doers." They are NOT. They have to know, if they have ANY intelligence at all--and I don't think they are all stupid, that none of their "common sense gun laws" do ANYTHING to "keep guns out of the hands of evil doers." But they DO keep them out of the hands of honest, law-abiding citizens, making them into "easy targets." Their laws DEPEND on LAWBREAKERS to obey them. What makes them think somebody who breaks laws for a living will suddenly, magically, OBEY their laws, is beyond my comprehension. It's all about CONTROL of your actions and your right to make your own decisions.

"WILL YOUR FORK FATTEN YOU?" Does your fork make you fat? Does your pencil or pen write nasty things, all by itself? No. Neither does your gun shoot somebody without your finger pulling the trigger, But you can't convince the anti-gun fools of that. They think a gun can magically jump up off the table and shoot somebody, all by itself. They also think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, and that they can magically eliminate all guns from existence, just by making a few laws. It is this kind of ignorance that makes "easy targets" out of law-abiding people.

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