Monday, October 9, 2017

Mueller On A Witch Hunt

That has become obvious. He is out to "get" Trump for anything he can. He is engaged on a fruitless, desperate search for a crime. There MUST be a crime in order for a special prosecutor to be appointed, and here there IS no crime here. So his appointment is ILLEGAL. He has hired more staff than any previous special prosecutor, and they are all liberals, former Obama and Clinton people, all of whom hate Trump. And he has now EXCEEDED his purvue, in that he is now searching Trump's business practices going back ten years!

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Rush Limbaugh asked an important question on his program: "Does your fork make you fat?" Does your pencil or pen write nasty things, all by itself? No. Neither does your gun shoot somebody without your finger pulling the trigger, But you can't convince the anti-gun fools of that. They think a gun can magically jump up off the table and shoot somebody, all by itself. They also think the way to self defense is to DISARM yourself, and that they can magically eliminate all guns from existence, just by making a few laws. It is this kind of ignorance that makes "easy targets" out of law-abiding people.

LEFTISTS:"BAN ALL GUNS!" Never mind the Constitution that guarantees our RIGHT to bear arms. Just ignore it. That's what they'd like to do, anyway. And not just on the gun issue. the liberals view the Constitution as simply a "document of negative rights" that only LIMITS what they can do. And they're right. It was DESIGNED to be an inhibitor to fools who wanted to be "all powerful," not having to recognize rights they did not GIVE to citizens. But unfortunately, for them, the Constitution is still the BASIS for ALL our laws. Laws cannot be made that do not conform to it's provisions. They should learn to live with it.

WE MUST DO SOMETHING! It doesn't matter if it does nothing to stop mass shootings from ever happening again. We must do something, ANYTHING to make it LOOK like we're doing something that will stop it, even if it does not, and we know it does not. That's what the liberals are saying as they demand more and more stupid gun laws that accomplish NOTHING. They have to know that none of the laws they have already foisted upon us have done ANYTHING to "stem gun violence," in any way. In fact, they have caused it to INCREASE, since they are DISARMING law-abiding people and making them "sitting ducks" for those who do NOT obey their insipid, USELESS laws.

"REPEAL THE SECOND AMENDMENT!" That's what the panicked liberals at the New York Times are telling us. If they have ANY vestige of intelligence left, they must know that will not do a single thing to "stem gun violence," in any way. But "getting rid of guns" in the hands of law-abiding people is always the answer to New York liberals. They also know that will not work, but they still scream for "impossible solutions." It's a good thing it takes a lot more than the abysmal IGNORANCE of New York liberals to get the Constitution changed, including the votes of 2/3 of the states. That means human beings get to vote on that idea, and throw it in the trash, where it belongs.

"THE SERVICE SUCKS": That's what a group of Christians said about the "Bedlam Coffee Shop" in Seattle after the owner (who is gay) threw them out because he found their pamphlets "offensive." They had been quietly handing out literature opposing abortion (baby murder) outside, and he had found one of their pamphlets and didn't like it, so he threw them out. I only mention he was gay because it's militant gays who search diligently for Christians who refuse to do business with them to sue, and run them out of business. Will these people sue this bigot? Probably not, since they have said they "do not want to run him out of business, since he has good coffee, even if the service sucks."

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