Thursday, October 5, 2017

Expected Consequences

The mass shooting in Las Vegas was an expected consequence of two things: One, the Dumocrat Party promoting victimization to gain votes. They're constantly putting people in little groups of victims to get them to vote Dumocrat by promising to "fix' their problem, which they never do. Couple that with the tendency to blame others for your own mistakes, as people like Hillary Clinton is currently doing. She even wrote a book (or had one written for her) to blame others for her humiliating defeat at the polls in an election she thought was "fixed" for her to win.

WHAT'S THE ANSWER? Something "clicked over" on the day of the Columbine killings and mass shootings increased measurably since. Islamic terrorism is partly to blame, but not all the mass shooters in America have been Islamic terrorists. I don't really know what started it, and what has caused it to increase so much except for the "victimization" Dumocrats push to get votes. Due to disagreement in reporting agencies on the definition of mass shootings, they list 270 mass shootings in America, just in 2017. But the problem there is, due to the definition used, many simple crime shootings have been conflated with the real mass shootings to get this number.

WELL, THAT DIDN'T TAKE LONG: The anti-gun fools waited not any time at all before using the Las Vegas killings to push gun control, even though ANY effort to "abridge" our gun rights is unconstitutional. Even though the killer obeyed every one of their silly laws and was APPROVED, because he had NO criminal background. Not a single one of their anti-gun laws would have stopped this guy from creating the biggest mass shooting in the history of America, so far. Hillary got right on Twitter even before all the dead bodies were removed to advance the phony narrative about silencers, based on her abysmal IGNORANCE about them.

A DIVIDED COUNTRY: Dumocrats don't like having opposition to their hair-brained schemes, so they decry that very opposition by saying this is a "divided country." Well, good. That's the way the Founders DESIGNED it to be, knowing that ONE OPINION running everything was a dictatorship--and they didn't want that. That's why they designed the government to be THREE houses: The Executive, The Senate, and the House. all with different rues, and ways toward election and power.

THE MAGIC SOLUTION: Tucker Carlson asked a simple question of one of the foolish people demanding we "do something" to end mass murder. The question is, "What CAN we do to stop mass murders from taking place?" Many people make such demands, but they never come up with a "magic solution" to the problem, because there ISN'T one. There is not a single anti-gun law either in existence, or yet to be made, that will do ANYTHING to stop crazies from getting a gun, either legally or illegally, and then shooting into a crowd of people. Or take a knife and stab everybody they can reach. Or take a vehicle and run over as many as they can.

MANY MASS SHOOTINGS: Why have there been so many mass shootings in recent years? I'm 80 and I don't remember many before Columbine. Maybe that's because the liberal media covered them up. But today's politicians will never find out the reason so long as they simply blame the guns. I have heard often that it is the "easy availability of guns" that is at fault. That is the lazy way to look at it. Guns are NOT that "easily available" if you have a criminal history. And those who do not have a criminal history should NOT be denied the constitutional right to own and use a gun for self defense. But as long as they simply blame the gun, they're looking in the wrong direction and they will never find the answers they seek.

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