Wednesday, October 31, 2018

"Trump Is A Nationalist!"

The liberals have seized on this to call him (again) a Nazi because of the word “National” in the name of the Nazis. That shows they know nothing about what a Nazi IS. Others call him a “WHITE nationalist,” which is far from what he IS. But they impute into his words, things they wish he had said, and then express their “outrage” at what he “said.” This is how they build a fiction that does not exist, while they insist it DOES exist. Of course, they already call him a Nazi, with not a scintilla of PROOF behind their insistence. Nazi means “National SOCIALISM,” which is far from what Trump represents. But liberals don’t care. They twist facts painfully to “prove” their fairy tales.

POLITICIZING SYNAGOGUE KILLINGS: Shannon Watts, mouthpiece for “MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) started fund-raising on the synagogue killings even before the echoes of the gunshots dissipated. Even while cops were still searching the premises for more victims, she was fund raising and campaigning for more and more of her useless gun control laws that do nothing but make it easier for holders of ILLEGAL guns (who obey NO laws) to victimize those who DO. She has to know the laws she fosters are useless, but she continues to push them, anyway. Why does she do it? Is it to “earn” her lavish salary as head of this fool outfit? Or is she really stupid enough to believe that banning guns for the law-abiding while ignoring the lawbreakers will actually DO something about “gun crime?”

AN OBVIOUS SCAM” The “bomb scares” are an obvious liberal scam to slow down the “Red Wave” that is forming for the upcoming elections. The guy who is accused of sending all those “bombs” (none of which went off, and none of which contained any means of SETTING them off) to Dumocrats, which CNN described as “Trump targets.” Of course, later “investigation” showed that he followed ONLY liberal web sites on the Internet. So why should a guy who followed liberal web sites drive around in a crappy old van not worth much, covered in TRUMP stickers? And send “bombs” only to Dumocrats? I think somebody conned this guy, who obviously is a few bricks short of a full load, to do just that, in an effort to convince the world that this is how Trump supporters act.

NOT “FILLED WITH GUARDS”: Pittsburgh mayor says, “The answer is not filling synagogues with armed guards.” And he’s right. But nobody with any brain power ever suggested that. What HAS been suggested is, simply ALLOWING people who are LICENSED to carry guns to bring them with them when they attend services, therefore being armed, and able to defend against such things as this foul shooting by killing the shooter before he can kill any more people. The shooter will not know they are there, nor who they are. Allowing people who are legally allowed to carry guns, who have, it is supposed, been vetted for their mental stability, to bring their guns with them is COMMON SENSE.

SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE...” Should be sauce for the gander. But not, apparently, for the mayor of Pittsburgh. He thinks because he is such an “important person,” he needs to have armed security, while the rest of you aren’t important enough to have it. And there is nothing new about that. The same is true of all politicians who run around behind a WALL of “armed security” while many of them work very hard to DENY us the same right. But it’s even more important in Pittsburgh, where that selfsame mayor told us confidently that allowing legal concealed carriers to bring their guns to church so there would be guns there to defend the church-goers from fools like the one who killed eleven people in that synagogue is not the answer, when it clearly IS the answer. He's just too damned dumb to recognize it.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Dumocrats say, “Nobody likes President Trump.” How then, do they explain his gigantic crowds? If nobody liked him, nobody would come to see him speak. His latest crowd was a record number of attendees… “Mad Max(ine) Waters got one of those phony “bombs” and she says she is “not intimidated” by it. Naturally. She knows the whole thing is Dumocrat orchestrated to demoralize Trump voters, and wouldn’t go off… Some are saying Limbaugh will get “thrown off the air” for saying the bombings were planned to fail to help Dumocrats. Yeah, sure. They’re gonna get rid of a million dollar asset because of one liberal complaint… The Migrant Caravan members revealed their real goal when they refused asylum in Mexico. It is to “invade” the U. S. and make as much trouble as they can… Peelosi is “confident of the blue wave.” She’s shopping for big gavels, now. Maybe she should remember how sure they were Hillary was going to win in a landslide, right up to 9 PM on election night, in 2016…

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