Monday, October 8, 2018

They Know It: Doesn't Matter

The TSA (Tough Sh-t Agency) knew these items were not dangerous, but they LOOKED like they MIGHT be, so they banned them, anyway, forcing people who had them to enclose them in a “checked bag” in order to take them on an airplane. They are used to keep drinks colder, longer. Completely innocuous. But they LOOK LIKE bullets, so they treat them in STUPID ways. Of course, bullets without guns to fire them are just as innocuous. But that doesn’t matter to the bureaucrats running things, these days.

REALLY STUPID ACLU: The ACLU is running an ad comparing Judge Kavanaugh (who is only ACCUSED of sexual misconduct by women who can’t even say for sure it was him, but who ASSUME it was) with two KNOWN sexual abusers, against whom their sexual misconduct was PROVEN, Bill Clinton, and Bill Cosby. It’s like that Hawaiian senator, who says "Judge Kavanaugh is not entitled to be considered innocent until proven guilty because he is a conservative." They say we should not have “any doubt.” Which flies in the face of our “rule of law” where ALL accused are considered innocent until proven guilty. ANYBODY can “accuse,” if proof is not required, which is apparently the case with Supreme Court appointees appointed by President Trump.

IMPOSSIBLE TO USE: When an armed criminal with an illegally-owned gun comes at you, SECONDS count. So if the gun you own for self defense is locked in a safe, what do you do, call a “time out” while you go and work the combination so you can get your gun into operation to save your life? This “safe storage” law is like most anti-gun fool laws, in that is makes life a lot easier for the holder of ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey laws, and which criminals do NOT. That this makes your gun USELESS doesn't bother them.

THE POT, DAUGHTER, AND KETTLE: Talk about the “pot calling the kettle black,” once removed! Chelsea Clinton (daughter of the best known sexual predator in the country) is lecturing the nation on sex. What the hell does she think she knows about sexual predators that she didn’t learn by watching her father in action? And she pretends to lecture US on “sexual predators.” She ought to know: she lives (or lived) with one!

SERIOUS ACCUSATIONS”: The Dumocrats talk about the accusations made by Christine Ford and some other women as being “serious accusations,” as if just the accusations meant Judge Kavanaugh was guilty, just because he has been ACCUSED. Well, ANYBODY can make an accusation, so long as no proof is required, as seems to be the case, here. Yes, many women HAVE been sexually abused, and don’t have any proof. That doesn’t mean a man, about whom there has NEVER been any CREDIBLE accusations in his 36 years since Christine Ford’s accusations, MUST be guilty, just because she has accused him.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Puerto Rican “authorities” originally claimed just 64 deaths from a hurricane. Now suddenly, they claim 3,000 deaths, but no bodies. Looks like some of them want to paint Trump badly. But more than anything, it shows their own incompetence… Everybody (mostly liberals) are saying that, “The Manafort deal” is “bad news” for Trump, without knowing even what he will, or CAN say to Mueller, as usual. Create a narrative, and HOPE it gets proven. I don’t think Manafort can say ANYTHING detrimental to Trump, unless he lies to gain an advantage… Why is John Kerry not in prison? If I did what he has done, I would definitely be in prison. Private citizens are not allowed to “negotiate” about government policy with foreign governments… The fools still promoting Obamacare keep saying getting rid of that monstrosity would “kick millions off health care.” Actually, the only ones taken off health care would be the ones who WANT to get off Obamacare because it’s way too expensive and provides almost NOTHING… 

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