Friday, October 5, 2018

Sorry Again

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been lately. I’ve been in the hospital because of increased heartbeat early Wednesday morning. My heart was beating at twice the usual rate, which was very uncomfortable and a bit frightening. But turned out to be not as dangerous as we originally thought. All is well, now, but everybody’s worried, considering my age. But I seem to be okay now, and it will soon be “business as usual.”

BLAMING THE NRA: The favorite “whipping boy” of the anti-gun fools is the NRA. In doing so, they assume that the people responsible for “gun crime” are those who follow the law and register their guns. They are NOT. The people responsible for “gun crime” are CRIMINALS. They don’t obey laws. So how can the anti-gun fools assume that they will obey their silly, stupid, USELESS gun laws? They do NOT. So how can they, in all conscience, blame the NRA for sticking up for the Constitutional right of all Americans who are NOT criminals, to own and use a gun for self defense against those who do not obey ANY laws, much less the ones that say they cannot use a gun in committing their other crimes?

GIVING UP THEIR GUNS: The Huffington Post says, “Some people want to give up their guns” but it’s so hard to get rid of them. Where the hell did they find some fool to say that? One such person says, “Needing a gun sucks. If everyone was a decent human being, it wouldn’t be necessary.” This guy lives alone with his “licensed comfort dog” in Eugene, Oregon. Obviously a liberal. Only liberals think that way. What he will never realize is that everybody is NOT a “decent human being,” and never will be. He will always need a gun for protection against them. That’s something liberals always deny.

REPORT OFFENSIVE COMMENTS: In Great Britain, the cops are asking citizens to “report insulting or offensive comments.” Why, I can’t fathom, Surely there can’t be LAWS against them, even in the UK, where they don’t have a First Amendment. Even if there are, they are so subjective as to be amenable to ANYBODY’S definition of “offensive and insulting.” As such, they are UNENFORCEABLE if you take common sense into consideration. If it ever happens here (and liberals are pushing for them), we’re in deep doo-doo.

INCOMPREHENSIBLE FOOL: A senator from Hawaii says Judge Kavanaugh is not entitled to be considered “innocent until proven guilty” as are the foulest criminals, buy law, because he is a conservative. This from a person of the same lineage as the people who attacked us at Pearl Harbor, who lives in the state where it happened. Apparently, we (not me) regularly elect such fools to positions where they are able to affect the laws that are made, which is why we have so many STUPID laws in force. Somebody needs to start a list of stupid lawmakers so we can work to eliminate them from any position where they can affect our laws.

IT’S NOT WORKING: DO MORE OF IT: IN Chicago, it appears that the politicians aren’t the only dumb people. Now some citizens are suing them to get even more “gun laws” made, saying the ones in force aren’t working. They say 40% of the guns used in crime are sold by a specific number of “named” gun stores outside Chicago, but in the near vicinity. Not mentioned is whether or not those guns were sold legally to non-felons or “under the table” to felons. That distinction is never made when anti-gun fools want to make laws that violate our constitutional right to own and use the means to self defense, a gun.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: When the cops start asking the public to “report offensive or insulting comments,” as they’re actually doing in the UK, we’re in bog trouble. My only reply to that is definitely insulting and offensive, to the cops… They ought to dunk Kavanaugh in water to see if he’s guilty. If he drowns, he’s innocent. If he survives, he’s guilty. That’s the “rule of law” they used in the first “witch hunt” in Salem… The very fact that the FBI has “restricted access” to the conclusions in the SEVENTH “investigation” of Kavanaugh tells me that there is something wrong here… Shouldn’t the fact that Kavanaugh is only (supposed) to have sexually assaulted ONLY “far left, radical feminists?” Never any “conservative women? I think so… Well, Susan Collins and Joe Manchin both have signified they will vote “yes” on Kavanaugh, meaning he will be confirmed, if others’ votes remain as they promised. Collins confirmed that after what seemed like a three hour speech I though was unnecessary, since all she really had to do was confirm her vote…

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