Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Kavanaugh Is Human

The liberals accused him of being a would-be rapist, of running “rape rooms,” of being a drunkard, and of everything else they could “throw up against the wall to see if it will stick,” and when he proved he was a human being and “hit back,” they criticized him for that. Like he should have been able to withstand all the “slings and arrows” and still maintain a “poker face” and not get mad. After all the inhuman things of which he has been accused (without evidence, I might add), he has a RIGHT to be angry, judge, or not. Judges are human.

A “DIVIDED COUNTRY”: There are many who say we are a “divided country.” And they’re right. We are. The Founders INTENDED it to be that way. They designed this government to BE a “divisive force” where opposing ideas can be said, out loud, where such ideas are STIFLED, in other countries. They WANTED there to be “division.” There will always be opinions that differ from ours, and they wanted us to be able to express those ideas freely, without fear of government action against the dissenters. We have always been a “divided country,” and that is a GOOD THING. Healthy disagreement is good.

ACCUSED EQUALS GUILT”: This country is the only one in the world (to my knowledge) in which the “rule of law” is, “innocent until proven guilty.” In just about all other countries, if the government accuses you of a crime, you are “guilty until proven innocent.” That’s wrong. The government should not be able to “criminalize” you by simply ACCUSING you of a crime, and then force you to prove your innocence, something that is often impossible. You cannot prove a negative. I have always been proud of this difference between ours, and other countries. But recently, we seem to have abandoned that, at least, where politics is involved.

THE CIRCUS ENDS: Maybe. We’ve spent the best part of the last two weeks—and more watching the “dog and pony show” they called an “investigation” of why Brent Kavanaugh should not be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Not whether he should or should not be confirmed. Why he should NOT. His guilt was already decided by everybody on the Dumocrat side, and their decision was irrevocable. Kavanaugh’s nomination was to be defeated, at all costs. Whatever they had to do, legal or illegal, true or lie, that’s what they would do. Then they lost, and called "foul," again.

DEMOCRATS WILL WHINE: They will cry, and they will stamp their feet and hold their breath, as they continue their tantrum after Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice—a lifetime appointment. They could no longer hurt him, unless he committed some foul deed, which he is not likely to do, even though they accused him (without any kind of proof) of many foul deeds in their tantrum to keep him off the Court. They will use many hankies as they blubber for a long time. They will continue their tantrum for many years.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Former Sec. Of State Kerry might be telling Iran to, ”just wait, we’ll have more flexibility after the election.” He’s right. Nobody will care what he and his cronies think or say after they LOSE it, and are thrown into the “dustbin of history” with the rest of the trash… Colorado Dumocrats are running ads saying Jared Polis didn’t pay taxes for 10 years (where have I heard that before?). It has already been proven false, but they keep running that ad. And he’s a Dumocrat… I really get tired of all the lying political ads running right now—on both sides. I hope my BS meter survives the pressureAnything to delay confirmation… In Venezuela, they have a major “gun crime” problem. So they made some more anti-gun laws to combat it. And ALL crime increased… 

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