Monday, October 1, 2018

"Serious Allegations"

Dumocrats talk about Kavanaugh having “serious allegations against him,” and that this, alone, should cause them to “bend over backward” to investigate (which they did, six times). One congressman even asked a newswoman, “Would you have preferred that she not come forward?” (The Kavanaugh case) My answer would be, no. I would have preferred she come forward with something besides her unsupported word to back up her allegations. Anybody can “allegate,” if he/she is not required to provide PROOF of his/her allegations.

ACTIONS & CONSEQUENCES: Liberals are criticizing Brett Kavanaugh for getting mad, after they have “raked him over the coals” for something that probably never happened when he was a teenager. Actions have consequences. You can’t do that to a man without pissing him off. I think his reaction to the committee was quite reasoned. Most human beings would have “gone off” a lot more than that. I certainly would have. I’d have been jumping up and down on their desks, leaving my footprints on their papers. You just can’t libel a man without making him mad. And a judge is still a man.

GUN CONTROL “GHOST TOWN”: Five million members? I don’t think so! MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) claims to have five million members, but their recent chapter meeting looked like a “ghost town.” If you can’t even draw more than a trickle to your meetings, there is no way you have five million paid members. One new member says she got involved after the Sandy Hook killings. And I believe her. But what she got involved in has no chance in reducing “gun violence” because all they do is make laws that the bad guys routinely ignore.

IT JUST DOESN’T WORK! Gun control, as we know it, has a clear history of doing NOTHING to reduce gun violence. And Dumocrat politicians never hesitate to LIE to promote their wish to disarm all law-abiding citizens, even if the Constitution prohibits it. Dumocrat Elizabeth Warren (the presidential hopeful) tells us confidently that Massachusetts, which is a BIG anti-gun state, Has the lowest gun crime rate in the nation (at least she tried). Only one little problem with that. It’s not true. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (hardly a pro-gun outfit), Massachusetts has NEVER been the lowest, when it came to gun deaths.

DEMS’ 30 MINUTE MONEY GRAB: It took some Dumocrats just 30 minutes to start pleading for more money on the strength of Christine Ford’s testimony, alleging that, somehow, she was (almost) raped, and that Judge Kavanaugh (both then a teenager) was responsible. She even painted a picture of not only a rapist, but a possible murderer, as well. All without a BIT of real evidence, only her UNSUPPORTED WORD. Last time I looked, that was not enough to convict anybody in court. But not in “the court of public opinion,” it seems. The likelihood of the FBI “uncovering” anything new in a 30-year-old ALLEGED (almost) rape is unlikely. Unless something is PLANTED by the Dumocrats.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Woodward’s book says, “Trump’s plan to eliminate the federal debt is to “print money.” Seems to me that was OBAMA’S plan. He gave it that good-sounding name, “quantitative easing,” whatever in the hell THAT was… Don’t like it? Just declare it “hate speech.” That’s what Facebook is doing about that "horrible atrocity," children’s prayer… Liberals say “We have a right to violence” against those we disagree with, while calling it the GOP’s fault… Chelsea Clinton says it is “unChristian” to end legal abortion. What? UnChristian to stop murdering infants in (and out of) the womb? That’s about as believable as saying her father is “a good man”… Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg is actually going to run for president! He really thinks he has a chance in hell of winning just because one billionaire did it. Never mind things are entirely different between the two of them. He is a well known anti-gun fool and that’s a big negative…

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