Thursday, October 11, 2018

Damned, Subversive Democrats

 it’s not just that I disagree with them, or that they disagree with me. It’s that they treat ANY disagreement with them as a “sin” requiring a violent response. One of the most common headlines is, “Democrats Infuriated At (fill in the blank).” They get “infuriated” easily. All you have to do to “infuriate” them is disagree with them, and state that disagreement publicly. That will predictably send them into a “meltdown.” And they do many things that merit criticism and disagreement. The recent media circus against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, for instance. They pulled every evil, dirty trick they could think of on him. And, predictably, failed.

GUILTY WITHOUT EVIDENCE: One of the cherished rights enjoyed by Americans is the right to be considered innocent until PROVEN guilty, which is the reverse of how it is done in almost (maybe ALL) other countries. There, if the government (or anybody else) accuses you, you are “guilty until proven innocent.” But here, for most of our existence, the need, on the part of the government, to PROVE us guilty has BEEN the “rule of law.” UNTIL Dumocrat politicians want your scalp. Then they accuse you (WITHOUT proof) of sexual impropriety, and treat that accusation as Gospel, as they are now doing with our most recent Supreme Court Justice. The problem is, with ANY “accusation” of sexual impropriety, no proof is required. Just the accusation is enough to ruin a person’s life.

NRA APPLAUDS CONFIRMATION: They applauded the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Which will, of course, mean a lot of useless whining and crying from the left because the NRA disagrees with them (something they ought to know, anyway). They whine and cry, and stomp their feet in tantrums every time somebody (even those known to be on the other side) disagrees with them, thinking that all the world should agree with their silly policies. One thing I like about the NRA is that they just don’t give a “tinker’s damn” about what the left thinks, about anything—and they aren’t afraid to show it. They “flip the left off” with their every act, and I love that.

SUBVERTING DUE PROCESS: Liberals don’t like due process—unless it helps them get out of trouble. One of their latest attempts is to allow accusers to appeal cases that go against them, which violates the “double jeopardy” clause in the Constitution, allowing a defendant who was found not guilty to be subsequently found guilty on the same evidence. “It was the Obama administration that demanded schools judge cases of alleged sexual assaults under a "clear and convincing evidence" standard rather than on a "preponderance of evidence" standard.” And they want laws that allow punishment BEFORE a guilty verdict is reached, especially in gun cases. And further, before the investigation into the charges.

GUN CONTROL NO ISSUE: At least, it shouldn’t be an issue. The right of all Americans to be armed for self defense is GUARANTEED in the Constitution, to which ALL LAWS must adhere. If they don’t, they can be declared unconstitutional and made null and void. The Second Amendment clearly states: the right of all Americans to bear arms “SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED.” Yet slimy politicians continue to make laws to limit or control gun ownership, and each one IS an ABRIDGMENT. Thus, they are unconstitutional.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Somebody’s taking a poll, asking: “Should Trump resign?” What kind of a damned fool would even ASK such a question, with all the good things he has been able to do? It doesn’t matter what he does, the left will find fault with it… Liberals are now saying “Bert and Ernie” of Sesame Street are gay. How stupid is that? But liberals don’t know, or care when their ideas are stupid. Puppets can’t be gay. They don’t have the plumbing for it. Just another way to make waves… Michelle Obama has a new book coming out. they’re asking what the title should be. I recommend, “Nothing Of Interest Here”… I keep getting e-mails telling me Michelle put out a picture of herself posing in a bathrobe, asking, “Do you miss her?” Yes. I miss her, every chance I get… Whenever you’re able to stop liberals with inescapable logic, they change the rules without telling you until it’s too late. For instance, they say “If it saves one life, it’s worth it. Now they’re saying, “If concealed carry saves one life, it’s NOT worth itDumocrats in Colorado are running ads criticizing Mike Kaufman for having a NRA rating of “A”. Okay, so I’ll vote for Kaufman…

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