Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Wrong Way

“Gun crime” is out of control. So the anti-gun fools keep making laws that do NOTHING to stop, or even slow down gun crime. To the contrary: they make it worse by DISARMING the law-abiding, while the law breakers go right on buying their guns ILLEGALLY, or just stealing them. Researchers put out all kinds of figures they want us to think back up their stories. But there is one glaring error in those figures. None of them take into consideration the LEGALITY of the ownership of the guns used in victimizing the law-abiding. Nobody seems interested in whether or not the guns used in crime are legally owned, or not. It is rarely mentioned.

HER OWN MEDICINE: “Mad Max(ine)” Waters likes to tell her “supporters” to harass members of the Trump administration, and we’ve seen them do it. Coming up to them while they are eating dinner in a restaurant, or just going into their homes. Or “cornering” people in elevators and screaming at them with inanities. She needs to get a dose of her own medicine. I’m sure she goes out to eat often, so somebody needs to go up to her and harass her the same way her acolytes do to Trump people. Find her walking on the street and chase her down the street screaming inanities at her, the way her dupes are doing to Trump people. She may think she is immune to such harassment. She is NOT.

GUN CONTROL NOT POSSIBLE”: Anti-gun fools keep arguing that the Second Amendment is an outmoded concept, written hundreds of years ago by men who feared the British. What they never mention is that the Second Amendment RECOGNIZES one very basic human RIGHT. The right to self defense against all comers, even if they are “government agents.” And that will NEVER be “outmoded.” This article details many reasons why “gun control is no longer possible.” What it fails to mention is that gun control has NEVER been possible. There is not a single “gun control law” now in force, or envisioned by short-sighted anti-gun fools that will ever do ANYTHING to reduce, or eliminate “gun crime.”

IT HAS NEVER WORKED: Gun buybacks are a popular “cure” for gun violence, that does not “cure” anything. And that is on record! But anti-gun fools keep devoting a lot of resources and money to gun buybacks. As with all their other anti-gun laws, gun buybacks have proven to be completely ineffective at stopping, or even slowing down gun violence. Gun buybacks needlessly expend resources in a futile attempt to reduce gun crime, but you can’t convince today’s anti-gun fools of that. They march right along, sponsoring them, even though there is ample evidence that they are completely useless. If they ever came up with something that would WORK, I’d be right beside them promoting it.

DOING THE UNTHINKABLE: Gullible doctors are performing IRREVERSIBLE surgery on CHILDREN because those children (average age 13) suddenly decide they don’t like their sex and want to be the other. In the case of girls, they perform a double mastectomy to let those girls IMAGINE they are a boy because they no longer have breasts. But there’s still one little problem: they haven’t yet figured out how to give them a penis. And without a penis, they are NOT a boy, no matter how much they wish to be one. I don’t know if they’re cutting off boy’s penises yet, but I’m sure that will come soon, if not already.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: I have to laugh at the political ads where a candidate gripes about his opponent’s “negative ads” in HIS negative ads…Another real funny ad is the one where a candidate thinks his opponent voting with Trump 96% of the time is a winning criticism. On the contrary. That means many people like me who can see reality also vote with Trump… Another political ad whines about a politician “criticizing a real war hero.” As if being a “war hero” means he cannot be criticized, in any way… Omarosa is going to release yet another tape. Ho, hum, who cares? I certainly don’t… Another ho, hum. Former VP Joe Biden says he’s going to run for president against Trump. What a way to guarantee Trump a second term… Dumocrats are trying HARD to take credit for the very good economy for which Trump’s policies are responsible. They really think we’re stupid enough to believe them… Jimmie Carter says he would change all the policies Trump has initiated. Which doesn’t surprise me, given that Jimmie was one of the most INCOMPETENT presidents in recent history…

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