Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Doesn't Work: Do It

An anti-gun fool “researcher” found, in his “research,” that background checks don’t work. Then he says we need more and better background checks. This is typical of anti-gun fools. Take the results of “research,” and then deny those results. He basically told us, “Just because background checks don’t work, don’t think we don’t need to use them in our efforts to deny our citizens the constitutional right to be armed for self defense.” He didn’t put it exactly that way, but that’s what he was actually saying. This is a good example of a “researcher” who, when his research refutes his favorite pipe dream, he just refutes his refutation and goes right on with his attempts to fool us with his “research.”

TO BAN SELF DEFENSE: It has become increasingly apparent to me that the government doesn’t just want to “get rid of guns.” They want to get rid of the very CONCEPT of self defense. Even if they ever do manage to get rid of all the legal guns in the world, there will still be other items capable of allowing us to use them in self defense. And whenever they discover them, they ban them, too. A good example of this is their efforts to ban stun guns, one of the best non-gun self defense weapons. They can’t kill, but are effective to use in self defense. As they discover other effective self defense weapons, they will ban them, too.

NO PRO DEMONSTRATORS: I just listened to a news reporter on a “friendly” cable news station (Which shall remain nameless. “Foxy,” huh?) where the reporter was impressed by the fact that there wasn’t a single “pro-Kavanaugh” demonstrator there. Obviously, she didn’t consider the fact that the anti-Kavanaugh demonstrators are all liberals, who tend to be violent—and they don’t want to get “beat up.” There’s another reason why pro-Kavanaugh demonstrators are not there—non-liberals don’t usually demonstrate much, and we have won, so far. So they don’t NEED to demonstrate for anything. So it doesn’t really mean anything that there are no “pro Kavanaugh” demonstrators there.

CAN HE DO IT? There is a movement asking, “Can Trump fulfill ALL his campaign promises?” Which makes me ask, “Has ANY politician EVER fulfilled ALL his/her campaign promises?” And then I notice that he has fulfilled way more of his campaign promises, already, than have any other politicians, in the history of politics. CAN he fulfill ALL of his campaign promises? The answer is, “yes.” If anybody can do it, Trump can. He has proven his critics wrong, in every way possible, and he continues to do it. Getting tired of winning, America?

RESISTANCE IS FUTILE! That’s what we need to tell Facebook and Twitter. Twitter has “suspended” ten more “conservative accounts” without stating a reason. But we know what the reason is: they don’t agree with the things those conservatives are saying, and they think, by muzzling them on their platform, they can stop ALL criticism of liberals. They cannot. There are too many other platforms out there they DON’T control. So the ideas they abhor WILL “get out,” in spite of their feeble attempts at censorship. In Soviet Russia, the government did the censoring. In America, they don’t need to. American citizens are doing it for them.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Colorado hasn’t put a criminal to death in a long time, and that’s a mistake, causing many deadly criminals to move here to commit their murders, hoping to escape the death penalty. But if there ever was a justification for the death penalty is it in the case of Chris Watts, who murdered his wife, their two children, and their unborn baby. Some people just don’t deserve to breathe the same air as human beings, and this guy is one of them… The congressional approval of Judge Brett Kavanaugh was in danger, because of the UNSUPPORTED word of a Dumocrat operative, who wore a “vagina hat” in a recent pro-abortion gathering. That, alone, disqualifies her to me as a truth-teller. He won, anyway… If he denies it, he must be guilty. That’s what liberals are saying about Judge Kavanaugh’s vehement denials of those “attempted rape” accusations. So I guess now if you try and defend yourself against false accusations, that makes you guilty…

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