Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Trump Approval Now 50%

And the liberals are outraged. They're trying their best to convince us it's because he has "caved" on a number of liberal points, They just can't understand how, after more than a year of 100% negative news coverage of Trump, he is gaining approval from the voters. What they don't want you to know is that the populace is beginning to realize that he is actually DOING what he said he'd do. They're finding more money in their paychecks, and are paying less in taxes. Millions who were out of work and giving up ever being employed again now have jobs--which puts the LIE to what they're being told by the liberal media. And that infuriates them.

BEATING A DEAD HORSE: Dumocrats are still beating that dead horse about "Russian collusion" with Trump to beat Hillary. even though Hillary would be a much better friend to communists than Trump ever would, since he's such an obvious capitalist, and she's a socialist, something that has only cosmetic differences with communism. It doesn't seem to matter to them that an entire year has gone by without a shred of EVIDENCE of such collusion being found, with multiple bodies trying to find some. Intelligent people would have long abandoned that search, for lack of results. But not the Dumocrats, who are "thrashing around." trying desperately to find ANY kind of evidence to support their excuses for Hillary losing to Trump.

GUN CONTROL'S DIRTY SECRET: It's something anti-gun fools don't want you to know, but when guns become almost impossible to legally buy or own, knife killings multiply. And you can't ban knives completely, because they have way too many important uses besides killing. And there are just too many around. Every house has many knives. Great Britain learned that when they effectively banned guns, except for those in the hands of "government people." When thugs can't get guns, they use something else to do their crimes with. It's like anything else involving the human condition. Take away one tool, and they start using another. And disarming yourself is no way to defend yourself, no matter how much anti-gun fools wish it to be true.

CREATED CONTROVERSY: Liberals are whining about a statement of policy made by the Sinclair Corp., which owns many TV stations. They're making it sound like they FORCED their on-air people to say something against their will, on pain of firing if they did not.. They are not. It's NOTHING like the times when almost ALL the denizens of the "fake news" organizations use even the SAME WORDS to promote one of their liberal ideas. This was merely a statement of policy, and anchors were ASKED to read the statement, assuring their viewers that Sinclair did NOT involve itself in the "fake news" of the day.

HOGG: "BRAVE VICTIM": Laura Ingraham "apologized" to David Hoog, and people read her Tweet as saying he was a "brave victim" of that school shooting. Obviously, they don't recognize sarcasm. Hogg wasn't even there during the shooting. He had to ride his bike 3 miles to get there in time to PRETEND to have been there during the shooting. And he has been taking advantage of that to become "famous" for his own purposes, ever since, spouting all the anti-gun fool talking points and taking their money for travel expenses and hotel bills, plus any bonuses he can get.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They're "following orders." Progressive Insurance just pulled it's advertising from the Laura Ingraham show on the ORDERS of a teenager. What are we coming to? I won't be using Progressive for ANYTHING.... CNN asks David Hogg: "What kind of dumbass colleges wouldn't want you?" The simple answer is, "Any college with STANDARDS for intelligence.".... Hllary resents being told to shut up. So what? Who cares what Hillary doesn't like?.... Hillary says "people want me to go away because I'm a woman." It must be nice to tell people a lie about your critics and have it taken seriously by a few people, namely your ignorant followers. No, Hil, they want you to go away because all you're doing is making excuses for your own failure, and it's hurting Dumocrat chances in the next election. And that can only be  GOOD thing....

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