Monday, April 2, 2018

Maryland School Shooting

It wasn't your average school shooting. The shooter didn't come there to shoot as many students as he could. He was a "jilted lover" who killed the girl who ended her relationship with him. In the process he wounded another student, and ended up killing himself when the school resource officer confronted him, That officer actually shot the gun out of his hand, but it was too late--he'd already fired his "death shot." The liberals predictably blamed the gun, and people immediately (I'm sure promoted by anti-gun fools) started demonstrations to promote the making of yet more USELESS, ineffective "gun laws," completely ignoring the fact that this kid was "mentally disturbed." One factor not mentioned is that Maryland has very tight gun laws--that stopped NOTHING.

IS BOLTON A "HAWK?" Liberals want you to think so, because he has voiced support for pre-emptive strikes against Iran and other countries that threaten us before. But that's just their way of attempting to discredit a man who realizes that sitting back and saying "hawkish things" while doing NOTHING doesn't do a thing to discourage such countries from thinking they are big enough, and BAD enough, to threaten the United States. He knows that actions speak louder than words, and is not afraid of taking action, as are liberals. If that makes him a "hawk," so be it.

SORRY FOR STORMY? I just listened to a liberal woman say she was "very sorry for Stormy Daniels." Why is that? Stormy entered (if she is to be believed) into a CONSENSUAL relationship with a man she is now trying to "bring down" because of her possibly imagined "one night of passion." What the hell is there to be "sorry for her" about? I think she is just a "washed up whore" who made money screwing people, and is trying hard to regain some measure of fame--not to mention the big money she can coin from Dumocrats for her performance.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Georgia Dumocrat politician Erica Thomas says, "We don't want to confiscate your guns, we want to SEIZE them." What in HELL is the difference, fool? It's all semantics. Seizing them is exactly the same as confiscating them. It is the government TAKING an item, the ownership and use of which is GUARANTEED by the Constitution. No kind of changing the semantics will make that legal. It's time you, and other anti-gun fools learned that. This is the typical ignorance displayed by all anti-gun fools, and we (not me) need to start kicking them out of lawmaking bodies, or start refusing to send them there in the first place.

ABORTION IS MURDER! I've always said Hoosiers are "smarter than the average bear," and the current Indiana governor has just proved it again, by signing a bill into law that recognizes that killing unborn babies IS murder! In many states, if you kill a pregnant woman, they call it DOUBLE MURDER. But if you just kill the baby, it's not. Talk about "cognitive dissonance!" Nazis made it "lawful" to murder Jews. We have made it lawful to murder INFANTS. This is OUR Holocaust, and we'd better start admitting it, and changing our laws.

THEY HAVE TO LIE: Liberal Dumocrats must LIE to get elected. Think not? Answer this question: "If Obama had told you that your health insurance cost would INCREASE by thousands of dollars a month; that you would not be able to keep your doctor if you liked him/her; that your "co-pays" would also go up by thousands of dollars, and that you would be required by law to buy his damned fool health insurance or pay a fine to be "allowed" not to, would you have voted for him? Not a chance, if you're intelligent, at all. The same is true elsewhere. They always LIE to you about their intentions BEFORE the election, then do what they wish AFTER the election, counting on you to forget before the next election, as they lie to you, again.

MASS PANIC ATTACK: The addition of a simple question, "are you a citizen?" to the 2020 Census is causing Dumocrats to "go bananas" all over the place. They fervently wish that question would NOT be asked, because they think it would reveal their intention to allow illegal aliens to VOTE, and elect Dumocrats. They want to keep the real number of illegal aliens in the United States a secret, while they ILLEGALLY vote for Dumocrats. That's how they stay in power. So they're having a "mass panic attack" over the issue.

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